McCullum Law Office: An Auto Accident Attorney Who Helps Clients Reach Their Legal Goals

Clients Get the Personal Service and Attention to Their Case That Provide Results

Louisville auto accident attorney Jerry McCullum relies on a background in law and in business to provide clients with the best solutions to their legal issues.   His value as a family law attorney comes from a different viewpoint on how situations can be resolved instead of a standard “quick fix” attorneys often provide.   Sometimes issues require more thought than just the legal answer to a question.   The only way to get the best solutions to any problem, large or small, is to look at all the possible options and the specific details of the case. 

Mr. McCullum understands the confusion that people go through when they are injured in an auto accident.   The clock is ticking on the amount of time the individual has to make a claim from the time the accident occurs.   The injured party has just two years to file a claim.   They must also face issues like having their vehicle repaired or replaced and getting medical attention for their injuries.   Contacting an auto accident attorney immediately after the accident will help victims determine whether they have a valid case that should move forward.   An experienced auto accident attorney can also help them determine the real value of their claim to ensure they don’t end up with more bills in the future than they can afford to pay. 

The McCullum Law Office handles cases involving auto accidents, criminal defense, wills, trust & probate, corporate, LLC, CPA, cell towers, and other related matters.   Jerry McCullum makes the effort to understand who each client is and what their legal needs are.   When it comes to getting legal help that will impact the rest of a person’s life, no one wants a personal injury lawyer who offers a one-size-fits-all approach to legal guidance and representation. 

For individuals who need the personal approach of a small firm with the professionalism of a big firm, the process starts with a free consultation.   Do not wait.   Contact the McCullum Law Office to schedule an appointment today. 

About McCullum Law Office

Jerry McCullum of McCullum Law Office is an auto accident attorney who fights for the rights of victims injured in car accidents.   McCullum operates a solo law practice in Indiana and Kentucky, providing clients with the personal attention they need during stressful legal issues.   In addition to his skills as an attorney, Jerry is also a Certified Public Accountant, giving him the perspective of legal matters and how they affect his client’s financial situation.   In addition to working with clients in the area of auto accidents, he also works with criminal defense, wills, trust and probate, and corporate cases.   

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