Marcus Asay, Cofounder of the American Labor Alliance, Attached as Executive Producer for Un Conejo de Huevos, Starring Rafael Amaya and Mauricio Ochmann

Marcus Asay, cofounder of the American Labor Alliance, is serving as Executive Producer for Un Conejo de Huevos, an animated feature for spanish-speaking kids, which stars Rafael Amaya and Mauricio Ochmann. For more information about the film, visit

The cheerful epic about a daring bunny’s adventure to save Easter Island is being produced in both Spanish and English with twin, star-studded casts. A Reg-CF equity crowdfunding campaign on, a FINRA-regulated funding portal, allows fans to support the project for as little as $100 in return for perks and a financial interest in the success of the film. Rafael Amaya and Mauricio Ochmann, stars of El Senor de Los Cielos, play lead roles in Un Conejo de Huevos

On working with Marcus Asay, Producer Mychal Simka says, “Marcus has been invaluable at helping us produce Un Conejo de Huevos and in helping us connect to a Spanish-speaking audience that wants high-value, independently-produced media for children. It’s really been an honor to work with such a prominent member of our community.”

Executive producer Marcus Asay, cofounder of the American Labor Alliance, went on to say, “We gladly support wholesome family entertainment with a great message. Un Conejo de Huevos is about the desire we have, and the courage we need, to meet our goals, no matter the sacrifice. It’s about how we can become the heroes in our own stories by facing our fears and choosing to believe in a future we create. This message encapsulates the magnificent efforts of Mychal Simka and the great multi-country team assembled — his efforts to solidify a family unit of those privileged to immerse themselves in this great journey about a little Conejo, with a whole lots of… guts.”

Rafael Amaya added, “The main message of the movie is to be yourself… we are all equal, regardless of race, age, skin color, smell… etc. And it doesn’t matter how weird you are, we all should be treated equally.” 

Other stars in the Un Conejo de Huevos include Kristyan Ferrer from the films Sin Nombre, Guten Tag, Ramón, and 600 Miles; Carlos Alazraki, the highly-esteemed Mexican talk show host; Katherine McNamara from Shadowhunters; Carlos PenaVega from Nickelodeon and Alexa PenaVega from the Spy Kids film series. Edy Ganem, from the Lifetime series Devious Maids, Drake Bell from Drake & Josh, Rubi Molina, an NBC Telemundo Entertainment Reporter, and Oscar Ganem from the Mutantes TV series also delivered great performances.

For more information on Mychal Simka and the Regulation-CF equity crowdfunding campaign for Adventures of Bunny Bravo and Un Conejo de Huevos, please visit or watch

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Mychal Simka grew up in Anaheim, California, where he was greatly inspired by Walt Disney. As an adult, he has come to work in the animation industry Disney pioneered. You can see fourteen animated projects produced by Mychal Simka which have been previously distributed by Lionsgate listed on ( 

Fluent in five languages, Mychal has worked with clients and partners around the world, casting films for producers such as Lars von Trier and consulting for special functions like film festivals and private events.

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