McAfee Institute continues to be the recognized global leader in developing the world’s most elite crime fighters

Josh McAfee sets the bar for cutting edge investigation and certification opportunities for law enforcement
By: Zach Thompson

McAfee Institute continues to set the bar with the most innovative and real world applicable training the law enforcement industry has ever seen. The Institute offers some of the world’s most top rated and cutting edge cyber investigation courses and certification opportunities.

Miami, FL – Cybercrime is increasing at a phenomenal rate. Top market researchers estimate that by 2019 data breaches will have an impact on the global economy to the tune of close to 2 trillion dollars.  This explosive growth in crime is one of the reasons that educational centers like The McAfee Institute have become so popular with corporations all over the globe.

The McAfee Institute was founded by former loss prevention and cyber executive Joshua McAfee and stands as a premier provider of cyber investigation courses and certifications. Over the years, the Institute has played an important role in this critical domain by not only providing cyber-intelligence and critical coaching through the Forbes Coaches Council, but also growing a generation of certified investigators.  Recently, The McAfee Institute was listed as “#1 Ranked Education Company in the World on the Inc. 500/50000 for its educational capacity and robust training modules. 

“I have been in this business for fifteen years now,” says McAfee. “I’ve seen it blow up with the increase of cyber related crimes happening all of the world. You only have to look at the political news today to see the impact of hacking, online fraud, sex trafficking, workplace violence and more have on society. What we’re offering is a chance for loss prevention, law enforcement, and intelligence personnel to gain the knowledge they will need to do their job now and in the future, but also the certification they need to remain marketable.”

As a nationally award-winning speaker on cyber-crime, intelligence, and loss prevention, Joshua has been asked to speak out on most common issues facing business and government today. The formation of the Institute was the next step in the 15-year investigative career of Joshua McAfee. His institute now trains thousands of students each year in threat assessment, risk management, deception detection, cyber-crime, intelligence, and loss prevention.  Students leaving with their certification have gone on to work in Fortune 500 firms, as well as, some of the world’s most prestigious intelligent agencies.

“We are passionate about helping people get what they need to not only compete in this industry but also make an impact,” says McAfee. “We help in four different ways: we offer the right online courses, we assess their skill level and provide board certifications, we create a path for our students to network with other professionals in their industry, and lastly, we provide the type of leadership skills so detrimental yet lacking in this industry.”

The McAfee Institute has continued to provide best of breed courses and leadership in all areas of cyber investigation and law enforcement. Certified professionals from McAfee Institute continue to dominate the industry and have key positions in some of the most recognized law enforcement, intelligence and fortune 500 from around the globe. Courses range on the low end at around $145 for their Advanced Social Media Gathering course to the Certified Cyber Investigator Expert (CCIE) at $1800.  As more professionals are wanting to standout in one of the most fastest growing & competitive industries, McAfee says their certifications helps to provide that third-party validation to the industry that you have the skill, knowledge and leadership abilities to execute and be successful in any environment they are put into.

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