New Focused-Driven Book a Hit with Reviewers

Distraction and Procrastination Cures Revealed

Highly accredited life coach and speaker, Lyman Montgomery, has a new focused-oriented book out.  Entitled “Focused Driven Lifestyle: 7 Strategies for Effective Permanent Solutions to Overcome Procrastination and Distractions”, the book has just hit the market and is already getting rave reviews. 

“I wrote my new book on focus for the same reason I founded Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, LLC.  I long to help others who need some guidance with focusing,” commented Montgomery.  “You see, I used to be all over the place.  I had so many missed opportunities because I failed to focus.  But through a life coach and a number of other sources, I learned to focus, overcome distractions and put an end to procrastination.  Now, I teach others how to do the same by learning how to properly and effectively prioritize.  Life is too short to miss out on.  My new book lays it all out on for readers to follow.  I am thrilled to be able to pass the blessings in my life on to others.”

Montgomery began Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, LLC twelve years ago with the mission of helping professionals, organizations and businesses take their quality of work to a higher level but turning dreams and goals into reality.  Within his focus-driven teachings, Montgomery leads others to attain the success he has achieved himself. 

Once a bullied boy who was called names, like “retarded”, Montgomery found himself in a whirlwind of reasons to fail.  He was severely distracted, unfocused and his life was going nowhere.  But he overcame the obstacles and through a complete about-face, paradigm shift, his reasons to fail have become his push to succeed.  Many who have gleaned from his teaching and counseling have stated that his past misfortunes make him even more approachable. 

“The fact that he overcome obstacles to get to where he is today encourages me to do the same,” stated a Montgomery follower.  “If he can do it…so can I.”

Montgomery holds an MBA and is a certified life coach and master-level NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing) Practitioner.  An accomplished speaker, consultant and author, Montgomery has been featured in a number of prestigious magazines such as Business Innovators Magazine.  He has also won awards like the Empowered Leader Award and the Speaking Empire Best Presenter Award in 2016.

Prior toFocused Driven Lifestyle: 7 Strategies for Effective Permanent Solutions to Overcome Procrastination and Distractions”, Montgomery wrote “Shattered Masks: 7 Masks We Wear”.  He also co-authored “7 Minutes 2 Success” and “The 7 Minute Lifestyle Journal”.

“I just purchased the new book,” said a Montgomery fan.  “I haven’t even read half of it and my life has already changed.  I love how he makes dreams so attainable, procrastination a thing of the past.  His words are encouraging and his motivating energy shines through the written words.”

Many readers are singing the praises of the new book as crowds continue to attend his speaking engagements.  From procrastination cures to relief from distractions, Montgomery addresses the roadblocks and paves the way to success.

To find out more about the new focused-driven book and Montgomery’s other inspiring endeavors, visit the Focused Driven Lifestyle website.

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