The power couple who is redefining Brooklyn real estate – for the better.

Brooklyn real estate power couple Kayan and Marko Vrzic are looking to change the negative perceptions about real estate developers. Unlike regular sharks, they are committed to rebuild and preserve the community by selling their buildings below the market prices.

Brooklyn, NY – June 16, 2017 – Brooklyn real estate is gearing towards a positive change of late – all thanks to Kayan and Marko Vrzic of My Renovations LLC. Unlike the typical developers who are sometimes robbing homeowners with inflated rates, this real estate power couple is geared to make a “difference” by rebuilding the community and making the process more convenient and fair for the homebuyers in Brooklyn. The seasoned investors have recently secured a major $83 million construction loan for a property at the outskirts of Bushwick.

“Sadly, we know some sharks (a.k.a developers) who take advantage of innocent homebuyers by inflating the value of the property, giving us a bad rep. We are here to make a difference and we aim to preserve the community while not adding to the unwanted real estate bubble. How? The macro picture is by simply selling our buildings just below the market value to make the process more economical for the homebuyers. We believe our process would be able to change the usual negative vibes about the Brooklyn real estate developers, but more importantly help the community we are rebuilding,” stated Marko Vrzic. 

The power couple defined themselves as “dolphins” of the real estate market who are committed to rule out the bad sharks. Kayan and Marko Vrzic are strictly against the unethical practices followed by the typical real estate developers like gauging the buyers or over inflating the market and neighborhood.

“We are more like dolphins and not the sharks who are always looting people,” smiled Kayan, the winner of the prestigious U.S. MAXI Gold Award for NOI Enhancement Excellence Leasing in 2015.

Both Kayan and Marko individually hold outstanding amount of expertise and knowledge prior to their union. Kayan has been involved in the groundbreaking developments of SkyView Center – one of the most premier shopping centers in New York City, sprawling across a magnificent 800,000 square feet of retail space.

She has also been an eminent part in the recently built $20 billion development of Hudson Yards which covers a grand 17 million square feet of space in the city. It’s Kayan’s experience in such esteemed projects which has contributed big time in the power couple’s success and in their prominent presence in the residential redevelopment of Brooklyn today.

While Marko on the other hand has quietly introduced himself as a leading figure in the development scene. In the past 15 years, he has built and sold two state of the art 44 story properties and transacted over $48 million dollars of properties throughout Europe and North America.

“Our goal is to give the neighborhood a facelift one ugly house at a time,” smiled Marko Vrzic. 

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Company Name: My Renovations LLC
Contact Person: Brenda Brown
Phone: (917) 444-1888
Address:78 Beaver Street, #185
City: Brooklyn [NY]
State: NY 11206
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