Frankfurt toymaker Gosfun Introduces new-age green building blocks that power up logical thinking

Leading Fascol subsidiary Gosfun has come up with a next-generation environment-friendly building block backed by unique spatial structure, smooth design and it also guarantees to high cognitive development in kids.

Frankfurt, Germany – June 16, 2017 – Great news for parents looking forward to create an easy fun learning environment for their little ones. Frankfurt toymaker and distributor Gosfun has recently introduced a next-generation eco-friendly building block which will redefine the way we have been building up blocks till date. Entitled as Banchhamm Building Blocks, the latest toy follows a unique spatial structure and promises to power up logical thinking in kids.

Gosfun is a high profile subsidiary of esteemed children’s bike and toy-maker Fascol.

“We are excited to announce that we have recently come up with our latest Banchhamm Building Blocks that will introduce a new way to build up the blocks and that too for better. What separates us from the existing blocks is that our product sports an exclusive spatial structure that you don’t get anywhere” stated Jesse Jin who co-founded the company with Jammes Smith.

Unlike the regular chunky blocks that take a lot of space, the Gosfun one comes with a convenient intimate design so that you can have ‘more with less’. 

“Most importantly, we have meticulously designed them to stimulate children’s potential and power up their cognitive abilities. Our intelligent Banchhamm blocks are an awesome to create a fun learning scenario to impress your little one. We are extremely grateful to the eminent Fascol engineer who supported our research department all through to bring our innovative ideas to reality.”

The Banchhamm Building Blocks are made of industry-leading ABS material. Jesse guaranteed a completely non-toxic product with no nasty smell. The blocks feature a convenient kid-friendly design with smooth edges to protect the tiny tender hands. According to Jammes, the advanced Gosfun blocks will boost up a number of cognitive and coordination qualities in children such as:

  • Imagination
  • Color recognition
  • Primary math skills
  • Observation
  • Fine action
  • The art of space construction

“Our blocks are colorful, easy to handle and cool to build. From homes to carts to jeeps to bikes, your little one can use our blocks to build just anything he wants. As the toy also focuses on developing the child’s potential – they are a great help to prepare your little one for his admission in a good elementary school”, Jammes added in.

Speaking further, he also stressed on the amazing parent-child interaction opportunities as ensured by their new-age building blocks.

“It’s a busy world today where parents hardly have time for their kids. As a result most of the children fail to connect with their mom and dad that leads to an unwanted distance between them. But our building blocks would delight both the adults and kids and you are going to have some of the most memorable times building them with your little one. In fact, they seem to be a wonderful way to boost parent-child bond.”

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