Be Part of an Incredibly Welcoming Fitness Community With BARIV5

Going out and exercising can be a stressful experience, so finding friends to work out with is important. Here to aid that process is BARIV5, a fitness brand focused on bringing people together.

Exercising is an important part of daily life; it both strengthens the body and provides relaxation and recreation. As such, it is no surprise that exercise is enjoyed by people from all walks of life. Many see exercise as both a method of self-improvement and an escape from daily stress, so they make it one of their primary hobbies. From these fitness enthusiasts, communities arise that welcome newcomers and push members to reach their full potential, important functions that help grow the hobby and allow people to achieve their goals and have fun. Additionally, fitness communities have become a popular way to make friends that extend beyond the gym. Because of the benefits exercise can bring both physically and socially, many veterans turn to fitness after coming home. Here to help veterans get into fitness and feel accepted is BARIV5, a fitness brand that wants to give back and help veterans fully enjoy the world of fitness.

BARIV5 is wholly committed to creating an inclusive and welcoming community that gym goers can join and thrive within. This commitment goes doubly so for helping veterans, which stems from its owners, who themselves are veterans. BARIV5 achieves this goal through their two main branches: their fitness clothing and social app. BARIV5’s clothing line is made up of high-quality fabrics, which ensures the best possible performance during gym sessions, and features the BARIV5 logo, which helps community members identify each other and feel like a part of the larger community. Meanwhile, the BARIV5 app allows users to post pictures from their workouts both on the app’s integrated photo sharing service and on popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. The app also allows users to view other members of the BARIV5 community in their area and communicate, which helps members come together and become closer. These functions help people interested in fitness, especially veterans, meet one another and feel like a part of a bigger community. This feeling is very comforting for many people, especially to the many veterans that may feel alienated after returning home. And it is because of this that BARIV5 has committed itself to creating the products that help veterans feel welcome.


With initial work completed on both the BARIV5 clothing line and app, only one barrier stands in BARIV5’s path to success: funding. The BARIV5 social app has not reached its full potential yet, so the BARIV5 team has turned to Kickstarter to generate the money needed in order to implement the features that will help round out their app and make it as great as possible. With reader support, BARIV5 can perfect their app, allowing them to create a community that will help veterans feel welcome and purposeful.


For more information, visit the BARIV5 Kickstarter page.

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