Unique Approach to Clinical Treatment of Substance Abuse, Chemical Dependency, and Trauma from Maui Recovery

Maui Recovery, a quiet haven for those seeking treatment of substance abuse, any type of addiction, depression, and trauma now offers a unique clinical approach. The program’s efficiency is proven and its results are long-term.

Over 21 million of Americans aged 12 and up are fighting some form of substance abuse disorder. 80% of them are addicted to alcohol and every 1 out of 8 people who abuse drugs are also addicted to alcohol. Maui Recovery offers an efficient clinical treatment of substance abuse to those, who want to break this life-destroying habit. The program offered by the facility is unique and allows obtaining long-term results. It targets the actual cause of the problem and helps patients battle a variety of issues.

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Secret of Efficient Clinical Treatment of Substance Abuse

A substance abuse disorder is a medical condition, so like all the rest of them, it has an underlying cause. It might be difficult to find it, as one can’t identify a psychological issue as easily as bacteria, which causes cold. However, professionals studying human behavior and psychology can help the patient find what exactly pushes them to such unhealthy life choices.

In the majority of cases, people turn to drugs or alcohol because they suffer from some childhood trauma, shame, guilt, low self-esteem, or a psychiatric disorder. In many situations, it’s a combination of those elements with unique personal experiences that exacerbate the problem.

The Maui Recovery clinical drug and alcohol treatment program is focused on identifying and resolving those issues. The program also includes the treatment of chemical addiction and therapy if it’s necessary. Maui Recovery clinicians develop a personalized plan for every patient based on their history.

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The thing that truly sets apart the Maui Recovery clinical treatment of substance abuse and trauma is their approach to families. The experts working at this center understand the importance of support for their patients. The so-called ‘circle of support’ also participates in the program, helping the person overcome their ‘inner demons’.

At Maui Recovery, advanced clinical solutions coexist with ancient Hawaiian rituals. Together, they create a treatment plan that takes the patient on a healing journey for their body, mind, and soul.

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Maui Recovery offers treatment programs not only for substance abuse but also sex addiction, trauma, codependency, depression, abuse recovery, compulsive behaviors, mental health issues, and more. Their treatment plans address physical, emotional, and spiritual issues to provide a comprehensive result. The center also offers family services, where every member of the family gets the help they need and all of them are brought together to support each other.

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