Venezuelan Media Following Its Audience to South Florida

By: Christian Benavides

Doral, Florida – Comcast, Direct TV and the Miami Herald will be catering to the growing Venezuelan population in South Florida. The cable and news giants recently announced the addition of Venezuela’s top news and entrainment channels and websites to their growing menu of Spanish-language options.

The new channel lineup consists of Venezuela’s top rated channels, including: Globovisión, TeleSUR, and AVN.  The Miami Herald will now partner with and to offer local news to Venezuela.

AVN and ElNorte are the top online source for news in Venezuela with over 200 million daily readers per day, each.

“Our hope is to provide Venezuelan’s with the option to read local news from their home country while also incorporating the opinions of those in South Florida,” said ElNorte executive director Pablo Torres.

These partnerships make business sense since the media giants will be expanding and diversifying their advertising portfolios.

The information giants hope to capture the undivided attention of over 250,000 Venezuelan’s residing in Florida.   Between 2000 and 2010, the Venezuelan Miami population jumped 117 percent during the same time period. Pew Research Center found that the number of foreign-born Venezuelans in the U.S. grew a whopping 388 percent.

Researchers also shows that about 4 in 10 Venezuelan immigrants are U.S. citizens, half of them have obtained at least a bachelor’s degree which creates just the right kind of demographic that can be new customers for Comcast, Direct TV and the Miami Herald.

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