Scenarios: The Game Based on Bizarre Situations Launches a Kickstarter Campaign!

Now Seeking Community Support, Scenarios is the Ultimate Decision Making Game Designed to Test the Limits of Persuasive & Imaginative Skills!

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Have you ever thought of how you would react if you were trapped on a desert island surrounded by sharks? What would you do if you were being forced to walk the plank by a bunch of unruly pirates? Scenarios is the new decision making card game that requires you to think on your feet and talk your way out of tricky situations. But be warned, rival players will also be competing to have the most compelling argument to the random situations that you face! Who will win? We’ll leave that up to the Scenario Master! The creators of this comical game have decided to seek community support on Kickstarter and is welcoming everyone to back this campaign on the crowdfunding platform.

Scenarios can be played in many different ways, with discussions of obscurity and logic being commonplace. Each box contains an instruction booklet, 39 scenario cards, 45 character cards and 66 item/ability cards. The game takes just a couple of minutes to learn, whilst providing hours of entertainment.  The variety of ways the game can be played means that no two games are ever the same. Simply put, Scenarios is a game based on wacky logic and bizarre ideas that will leave you wanting more!

The Kickstarter Campaign can be located on the web at: and offers several pledges from £7 for a digital copy of the game to £75, which offers a number of exclusive offers that won’t stay for long! Backers can be sure that they are getting the best deal with ‘early bird’ savings on all of the offers up for grabs! The game is ideal for birthday presents, icebreakers or even as a party game. So whatever your situation and whoever you are, you definately won’t be disappointed!

About Scenarios

Scenarios is the ultimate decision making card game that has several amazing features and gameplay modes. The game encourages people to think outside the box, coming up with logical and wacky ideas to escape different scenarios, whilst competing against friends. For people who enjoy thinking on their feet, think that they can talk their way out of any situation, or simply love having a laugh with their friends and family, Scenarios is the game for you! Scenarios is now seeking community support on Kickstarter and is welcoming everyone to generously back the game on the platform. 

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