Stress & Anxiety Help in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR

With all the pressures mounting on day to day lives now, there is no surprise that stress and anxiety is building up in people of all ages.

“I have seen an almost 5 fold increase in stress and anxiety related cases in Gurgaon in last few years,” said Ashish Sehgal, a veteran life coach and founder of ‘Ashish Sehgal Life Coaching Centre’ located in DLF Phase 3 in Gurgaon. “Most people working and living in Gurgaon are experiencing stress at levels they are unable to manage on their own. Overworked professionals with seemingly exciting lives are somewhere losing touch with reality and find themselves under extreme stress and feel anxious for no apparent reasons. The lives here are heavily spilt between their current state and their aspirations and there is a lack of mental emotional support in their systems.”

Ashish Sehgal’s Life Coaching Centre in Gurgaon is providing professional help to many such people. This helps them gain coping skills for managing stress and anxiety. It also helps them build better mental and emotional immune mechanisms within themselves.

“I have been helping people getting their desired results. People need more than just individual therapy. They require that love, care and attention which is somewhere missing in this new social setup”, says Ashish Sehgal. He adds that his mission is to help people help themselves, as they become self dependent in matters of the mind and heart.

“Stress and anxiety are two biggest enemies of a happy life. My objective is to help my clients build amazing capabilities to self-cope with these issues. Each day I meet my clients and then see them transforming and blooming in their lives, which makes my own life so satisfying.”, said Sehgal.

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