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Seattle, WA – Living with shoulder or elbow pain can make everyday activities a painful experience. These pains are usually caused by arthritis, broken bones, sprained ligaments, and tendon tears. As a result, the need for medical attention from orthopedic experts is required. If surgery is needed to correct the deformities of the bone, the tough task of looking for a reliable orthopedic surgeon is a must. Patients should consider the kind of equipment the surgeon utilizes, the doctor’s success from previous surgeries, the surgeon’s clientele, the specialization and credibility of the surgeon, and the kind of commitment that he delivers on his work.  

According to Dr. Schwartz, “Regardless of the problem, our main goal is to make your complaints improve without the need for surgery. We pride ourselves by using surgery as the last resort. Patients that improve with nonoperative care are equally fulfilling as helping patients through an operation because either way, the patient is helped! We can also work with people of all ages to prevent injuries from occurring or reoccurring. Google my business for more information.”

Dr. Daniel Grant Schwartz, a trusted orthopedic surgeon in Seattle, has been serving the area since 2013. He takes great pride in establishing friendly patient-doctor relationships, delivering procedures in his operating room, and certainly have the qualities that patients should look for before considering an orthopedic surgeon. Look at this now to know more about Dr. Schwartz and his services.

Over 90% of his surgical practice involves shoulder injury, with the remainder focused on the elbow. He commonly treats bone issues such as rotator cuff tears, rotator cuff tendonitis (“impingement”), acromioclavicular joint arthritis, acromioclavicular disruptions (“shoulder separations”), shoulder instability (shoulder dislocations or subluxations or popping), bicep ruptures or bicep tendonitis, frozen shoulders, pectoralis major tendon ruptures, shoulder arthritis necessitating joint replacement, history of failed joint replacement requiring revision shoulder arthroplasty, suprascapular nerve entrapment, thoracic outlet syndrome, shoulder fractures requiring surgical fixation or surgical replacement, and clavicle fractures. Dr. Schwartz also does arthroscopic (placing a small camera inside the joint and using minimally invasive small incisions) surgery around the shoulder – except for joint replacements and some fracture care.

For patients who are still looking for a competent and trustworthy orthopedic surgeon, check out Dr. Daniel Grant Schwartz’s website at or give him a phone call at (206) 668-6100. One may also send him an email at His office is located at 1455 NW Leary Way #350, Seattle, WA (98107).

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