Find the Best Student Apartments With LoftSmart

Let’s face it – being a college student is tough. And among the biggest challenges facing university students is finding an off-campus home or apartment. Fortunately, the platform created by New York startup, LoftSmart, helps students search for affordable off-campus properties to be rented out for the duration of their studies. With their discovery platform, students can choose the best place to live near their university at the best price in the market, as well as filter their search down to fit their exact needs.

Logan LeBouef, one of the company’s associates, offered perspective on the vision of Loftsmart:

“LoftSmart is dedicated to providing the single best solution for students nationwide to find their perfect place, through both extensive content and a transactional marketplace. We cater to students of all kinds, whether you’re an incoming freshman or a senior graduating from your university, we help students discover and sign the most interesting places to live off-campus. We even go a step further in ensuring students truly love where they live, by offering neighborhood guides on the best places to eat, drink, and relax with their friends away from the stress of school.” He also added that what makes LoftSmart truly unique extends beyond the content offerings, through their forward-thinking, seamless experience in signing your lease entirely online.

The scope of LoftSmart’s vision is far-reaching. By helping students find their way around during their 4 years on campus, providing them with myriad choices for places to rent and call home, is a much-needed service and an excellent way to support tomorrow’s leaders in their journey through university life. The company has already received support and backing from Corigin Ventures and is clearly taking command in their industry as a forward-thinking authority that is pushing the conversation around university life forward.

LoftSmart’s features include an extensive review system, generated in real-time by students themselves who have experienced life in a selected apartment. Thus, students from out of state – or even out of town – now have the ability to gain personal insight into living quarters without meeting past tenants, landlords, or knowing a single person in the neighborhood. And once a decision has been made, potential renters can directly sign their lease then and there, or contact landlords of their desired tenement via an online application and chat with them to close the deal. Continue reading here for more information about their full list of features.

To learn more about the services that LoftSmart offers, visit them on the web at

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