Freebelts – Making Lives Comfier, More Stylish and Easier for the Special Needs Community

Freebelts is redefining special needs wardrobes with its game-changing no-buckle belts that are helping people with autism and other disabilities to be more independent with their bathroom and dressing needs.

Ridgefield, NJ – June, 21, 2017 – Who said special needs wardrobes can’t be both comfortable and stylish? Born from the Indiegogo craze, Freebelts is making waves to counter this stereotype with its practical buckle-free belt, designed with the special needs community in mind. Boasting an impressive 4.4 star rating on Amazon, this breakthrough startup is making lives more comfortable, easy and fashionable for those with autism or other disabilities. Finally, no more pesky belt buckles and saggy pants!

The ease of using this belt is a true game-changer for people with special needs. The hassle-free stretch belt easily adjusts to the pants and makes a wonderful item of adaptive clothing. Its premium elastic strap assures robust support without the discomfort of a buckle pressing on the stomach. Armed with breezy snap closure, the belt also promises wide-range adjustability meaning it matches a variety of different sizes and fits. The buckleless design of the belt helps people with issues in using regular belts and has made their lives more independent in regards to both dressing and bathroom needs.

“If there is a way to promote to the autism community I know your belts would fly off the shelves. Many autistic children have sensory issues as well as fine motor ones. Your belt solves both problems”, Kristy is delighted to have FreeBelts no-buckle belts for her special needs children.

“Great for a child with special needs! This is the best belt ever! I bought this for my son who is disabled. I can put it on the pants before I put them on him. It is very easy to use. He always complained that the belt buckles on regular belts pushed on his gtube. This belt solves that problem.  Thank you for making such a great product”, Sandy is another happy client.

“The best part of my startup experience is the amazing feedbacks we have received from the special needs community. It feels out of the world when somebody says their life is much better now because of the belt”, stated Hannah, the lady behind FreeBelts.

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“I know people with autism or disability often face issues with belt buckles. It’s no less than a challenge to undo the belts when they need a bathroom break and it is such problems that have forced them to settle with saggy pants or sweatpants- at the cost of style. But I wished to change the scene for better and I am glad that FreeBelts is actually making a true positive impact in their lives. Now, they finally have something that assures them the desired comfort and ease, even in the trendy clothes they actually want to wear.” 

Although the fashion world has stated many times that it plans to modify special needs wardrobes, at the moment the options are very limited and the prices are too high. Such unfavorable conditions created a world where style is out of reach for the special needs community, and this is where FreeBelts hopes to make a difference. By creating a reasonably-priced, easy-to-use belt that can be simply added to any regular clothes, FreeBelts is bringing comfort and fashion within reach of the special needs community.

The unisex belts are available for both adults and children with a variety of colors on offer for both. Adults can choose from four elegant shades- elegant navy blue, chic black, smart brown and the easy-on-the-eye gray while the options for kids are more exciting with dashing colors, ranging from striped to polka dot to sweet pink. 

“FreeBelts is all about making things easier, incredibly comfortable and stylish to make you feel good about yourself. And yes, our belts would fit all sizes”, Hannah added in. 

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