PAC launches crowdfunding campaign at Crowdpac to seek support for legalization of marijuana

Ruther Glen, Virginia – June 21, 2017 – Super PAC Americans for Legalization has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign at Crowdpac to gather support for legalization of Marijuana. The organization aims to raise awareness on the great benefits of marijuana among the masses and eventually carry their voice to the Congress. Americans for Legalization is developing national campaign across the USA to make the Federal Government repeal the Schedule I drug status of marijuana.  

The campaign was launched on June 17.

Americans for Legalization is the sole Super PAC for marijuana legalization in the USA.

“Marijuana has proven to offer a number of amazing health benefits and we must join hands to voice for its legalization in our country. Legalization of marijuana will help to block the illegal flow of marijuana in the US and put the Mexican lobby out of business. It will enable us to fight terrorism and secure our border. Then, the legal status would even help to fund the local schools, hospitals and create jobs for our brothers and sisters. It would mean a robust boost to the revenue of counties and States. But most of the people here are not exactly aware of these great benefits of legalization of marijuana. Thus, we are looking forward to raise awareness among the masses about the robust advantages of marijuana legalization through social media, phone calls, letters and emails. We have to get Congress to change the Federal prohibition on marijuana which is not possible without a popular support. Hence, this crowdfunding campaign. Your generous support is much needed to make the government repeal the Schedule I drug status of marijuana and consequently make America a better place to live in”, stated Stephen DuBrey, a key spokesperson from Americans for Legalization. 

Speaking further he said that the common speculation about marijuana being responsible for the staggering opioid addiction in the country is completely baseless. According to him, there is just no connection between marijuana & increasing opioid use.

“Federal government wrongly treats marijuana as a ‘controlled substance’ and imposes severe punishment on consumption. It could mean a fine of $1,000 and imprisonment of up to 1 year on first conviction only. The penalty is obviously more serious for second and subsequent convictions. But that is simply unjust and many people have no idea about it.”

As per another spokesperson Dean Ahmed, there are many more things that are far dangerous than marijuana yet are relieved from legal prohibitions. For example- tobacco or coffee. 

“It’s to stress here marijuana is less addictive and harmful compared to tobacco, coffee and alcohol. Thus, if cigarette smoking is not illegal why smoking a pot would be deemed so? We need Marijuana legalization to stop the unnecessary penalties unjustly imposed on marijuana smokers. For a long time such incidents have been causing too much of pain to too many. Most importantly, the Federal prohibition on the drug is depriving us from exploring the awesome benefits of the drug properly. So, join up with us to educate our fellow countrymen about the urgency of marijuana legalization so that we all can create the much needed change today”, Ahmed added in.

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