Norwall PowerSystems: Extreme Heat – Power Outages a Dangerous Mix for Southwest

Heat Related Power Outages and Scheduled Utility Maintenance Make Keeping Cool More Difficult

LAKE HAVASU CITY, ARIZONA – 22 Jun, 2017 – As temperatures broke records, some dating back to 1918, an overwhelmed electric grid caused heat-related power outages for more than 40,000 Bay Area residents on Sunday, June 18. The Father’s Day outages began around 4:30 PM in Livermore where the high reached 106. That number of outages was cut in half before midnight. East San Jose and other cities were also affected. At Norwall PowerSystems ( in Lake Havasau City, Arizona, temperatures on Sunday reached 122 degrees.

A statewide Flex Alert issued by the California Independent System Operator calls for the voluntary conservation of power ahead of expected record-level energy demands. CAISO oversees the electric grid in California. When energy demand exceeds grid capacity it causes heat-related outages to occur. PG&E has 150 crews in the field to respond to heat-related outages.

The dangerous heat wave has prompted the National Weather Service to issue an excessive heat warning until 8 PM Thursday, June 22. Temperatures are expected to reach 102 to 105 degrees through Wednesday in parts of California while other southwest states will see similar or higher temperatures. Tucson Arizona expected a high near 115 today, cooling slightly to about 110 through Sunday. Salt Lake City, Utah expected highs near 100 today and tomorrow. Houston, Texas was looking at temperatures near 100 for several days, but will find relief as Tropical Storm Cindy brings rain and cooler temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday.

The higher temperatures are affecting regions to the north as well. Montana is experiencing faster than normal snowmelt which in turn is raising river levels. Higher than usual temperatures in the eastern US are also expected.

As utility customers experience power outages, they often turn to standby generator systems to keep the power on and the air conditioners running. Liquid-cooled standby generators provide the most reliable source of backup power in hot climates. When an outage occurs, the standby generator starts automatically and begins supplying power to the home or business within moments after the outage occurs. Once the utility restores power, the generator system shuts off and reconnects the home to the electric utility.

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