Introducing JayKay, The Motorized, Low Profile Longboard Truck

Longboarders everywhere know the struggle of reaching an annoyingly long uphill grade after cruising down an amazing route. Here to eviscerate this annoyance is an incredibly innovative longboard truck dubbed JayKay, allowing any board to be subtly motorized and operated.

Longboards are known to love massive downhill rides. Simply put, the feeling of cruising down smooth, fresh-paved asphalt for a couple of miles is unmatched. However, there is an all-too-common longboarding situation that is not so fun: the dreaded uphill grade. Even the slightest uphill grade can be a major drag on any longboarding expedition, forcing the rider to have to push him or herself endlessly up a hill that never seems to end. Needless to say, this labor can be tiring and can cut short some of the longer rides that longboarders are known to enjoy. Recently, longboarder Daniel Jäger became fed up with this annoyance and decided that it was time to do something about it. With a few friends and professionals, Daniel crafted what is today called JayKay, an effectively invisible motorized truck that can be attached to any longboard. 

The JayKay truck has the potential to create electric longboards that are actually widely adopted by the longboarding community. With a range of over seven miles, the JayKay truck allows longboarders to take longer, more relaxed rides and ultimately ride more often. Additionally, this range is made even longer thanks to the use of recuperation, allowing the JayKay electric trucks to mechanically recharge themselves when rolling downhill. Just the fact that the JayKay is completely contained within standard-sized trucks is an engineering feat of its own and allows longboarders to attach the trucks to any board of their choosing. In another feat of engineering, the JayKay wheels themselves roll completely independently of the motor, so when the motor is not being used, the longboard looks and feels just like a standard longboard.


In this spirit of emulating the traditional longboard experience, the JayKay team has integrated some truly extraordinary technology to create the control system for the JayKay trucks. With a wrist-worn device named the Clip by Flicktek, users can subtly activate and deactivate the motors in the trucks by simply gesturing their fingers. All of these innovations are doubtlessly difficult to mass produce. To help remedy this issue, the JayKay team has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to help fund the mass production of their trucks and the completion of their JayKay companion app, tracking mileage, range, and other statistics. Through this campaign, readers can order everything from JayKay trucks to boards, to JayKay branded t-shirts to help support the founders at JayKay. With this support, the JayKay team wants to revolutionize the world of longboarding by bringing high-tech innovation to the table.


To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page

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