Kingbird Announces High Performance Sequin Yarn with Bling-bling sequins & Vibrant Colors

Zhejiang, China – June 23, 2017 – Kingbird, a global leader in manufacturing yarns and threads, today announced a high performance sequin yarn with bling-bling sequins and vibrant colors. This new development aims to expand Kingbird’s range of fancy yarns that are currently in high demand.

King bird has adopted new yarn manufacturing techniques and follows the Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex regulations. This aims to make Kingbird a top fancy yarn manufacturing company in China.

Furthermore, Kingbird uses better coordinated shipping network to eliminate any logistic hurdles that may cause delay.

“We are committed to provide high quality sequin yarns with bling-bling and vibrant colors at the best market price as we expand our market globally,” said Jessica Lee, Kingbird’s Product Manager. “These are not only the rarest fancy yarns, but those with a sophisticated color palette and matching sequins.”

Kingbird is already working with several yarn and thread distributors in the U.S.A. and Europe. It plans to recruit more OEM partners.

Features of Kingbird Sequin Yarn

Kingbird sequin yarns with bling-bling and vibrant colors are uniquely identified with the following key features:

Sophisticated color palette; Kingbird sequin yarns are distinctly known for sophisticated color palette. They have matching sequins that give any knitting or embroidery project a subtle shimmer.

Many color options available; these include, white, brown, yellow, gold, etc. Also, Kingbird has the know-how in customizing sequin yarns to the specific needs of clients.

Lightweight; Kingbird sequin yarns have a lightweight thus, a perfect choice for most garments. They are also soft to touch, distinguishing them from other sequin yarns in the market.

A range of sequin patterns; Kingbird knitting yarns are distinctly identified by their wide range of sequin patterns. The patterns range from different diameters, colors, shapes and lusters hence, they are suitable for all knitting projects.

These sequin yarns with bling-bling and vibrant colors have become popular in many industries such as curtains, clothing, carpets, scarves and shoe making. They provide unlimited options in the fancy yarn industry.

So far, Kingbird has invested a lot of resources in researching and manufacturing high performance sequin yarn with bling-bling and vibrant colors. This aims to make its partners remain competitive in the yarn and thread market.

Availability of Sequin Yarns

Kingbird sequin yarns are available in many standard sizes and customized options upon request. All yarn and thread distributors or OEM clients can order for the Kingbird sequin yarns directly from the company’s official website or contact sales team via an email.

About Kingbird

For over 15 years, Kingbird has expanded to be an internationally recognized manufacturing force for yarns and threads. Kingbird uses the finest raw materials imported from Vietnam, Turkey and Korea.

With a dedicated and motivated team headed by Mr. Lino, Kingbird manufactures and supplies over 17 different types of yarns and threads that conform to the ATC, Okey 100, ISO 9001 and SGS standards.

The latest in its product line is the sequin yarn with bling-bling sequins & vibrant colors, and will release the product Viscose Knitting Yarn.

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