Bill Wren’s Latest Album “Road To Chiang Mai” Continues To Cause Quite The Stir

Rockport, Texas – Composer Bill Wren also known as the Rare Texas Songbird third album release “Road To Chiang Mai”, continues to garnish new recognition. The album which was up for a Grammy nomination recently won OWM Best Contemporary album of the year.

Tracks off the album have also won individual awards including DSA Grand Prize Winner for the song Enchanted Kingdom, along with the 2 Top Five Winners for the songs” Today In Paradise”, and “Enchanted Kingdom” in the Great American Songwriter Contest. Both songs are also finalist in the John Lennon Songwriter Contest session I and session II respectively.

Bill’s latest offerings with the album “Road to Chiang Mai” provides a new sound and feel to his unique music style. This was achieved by combining new age, contemporary instrumental and world music. This sound is described as “lavish orchestrated compositions that evoke sonic vistas that stir the imagination in their unique synergy of East and West.” – Michael Diamond.

His compositions are not new to recognition, the last ten years has also seen Bill achieve success and popularity with his first two albums on many established world radio stations, claiming number one positions repeatedly. In addition, he has also caught fame across the satellite networks including Sirius, Direct TV and Dish TV.

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