These Features Of Airwheel A6 Self-balancing Electric Wheelchair Are Worth Noting

Life can be wonderful if people find their own way of living a happy life. A lifestyle shifting may be difficult for some people since it takes some certain amount of time to alter a habitual behaviour. Changing, however, can be easy too. To begin with, take an Airwheel self-balancing scooter.

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In addition to the products designed for the masses, there are exclusive products designed for those who have difficulty in walking, say Airwheel A6 smart electric wheelchair. Like other self-balancing scooters, A6 installs gyroscope. When gyroscope notices the centre of gravity moves backward, it will generate a backward force to maintain balance. Therefore, riders just need to change the leaning forward or backword of the body so that A6 self-balance personal transport will move accordingly. To turn directions, riders use the handlebar. Also, there is a dashboard mounted on the handlebar to display the real-time speed and mileage.

Airwheel A6 smart electric wheelchair

What’s more, Airwheel has experienced significant improvement in performance. Desiring for a field outing? It is just what the Airwheel A6 lightweight balance wheelchair is good at. The larger wheels with 16-inch hubs are suitable to any road conditions. A6 is proud of its toughness. It is equipped with quality tires with unique tread pattern that helps drain water, dissipate heat and enhance grip performance. A6 can be used on the tough terrains except for these even paths. It might be used on the rocky track, the bumpy section or the dirt road. And a powerful drive allows longer battery life and brings more fun.

Airwheel A6 lightweight balance wheelchair

From the aspect of comfortable riding experience, Airwheel A6 installs a wider and more comfortable saddle than A3. Out of safety, its App fault reminder safeguards your every riding. At night, the sign lights on the both sides offer sufficient illumination for the safe ride. Also, riding Airwheel A6 handle controlled electric wheelchair to the countryside can release stress and burden from work.

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What’s more, A6 is waterproof and dustproof and can be ridden in the drizzle. When it runs past the puddles, its wing effectively prevents A6 from muddy water, protecting it from the water permeating the shell. Also, the foldable frame enables Airwheel A6folding self-balancing wheelchair to be stored in car trunk. Different from other modes, A6 introduces the automatic folding system, making it easy to store and use.

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