June Webinar – How to maximise the value of digital in Medtech

How to maximise the value of digital in Medtech: preparing for digital transformation

A new webinar will be taking place June 29 at EDT/5.30 pm BST/6.30 pm CEST to help business leaders understand the value of digital in medtech. The webinar, presented by Paul Tunnah, from pharmaphorum will last 75 minutes and aims to give people the vital information they need to succeed in a fast-changing digital world.

The new webinar has gained huge exposure for the wealth of information it brings and the key experts that are involved. It has been described as one of the most important and relevant webinars of 2017, providing business owners and key managers the information and skills they need to move their business forward in a fast transforming digital world. In a world that is dominated by digital technology, it is important to understand the correct steps to take to keep moving forward and communicate better with customers in a fast transforming world. Those that do not embrace the digital world are being left behind, putting their business at risk with lost of revenue, and profits.

Paul Tunnah, from Pharmaphorum said: “With a wealth of market and regulatory changes impacting the MedTech sector, it’s time for digital technology to steer the direction of your future business.”

Although the digital world can help people increase customer retention, transform sales, and increase brand awareness, many business leaders are still confused on how to embed digital within their business. The exciting webinar explores the opportunities available and provides powerful but yet easy to understand information on how to transfer a business for a positive outcome.

The key experts involved in the webinar are:

Jerome d’Astros, Digital Marketing Manager, Edwards Lifesciences

Bryn Davies, European General Manager, Syncera (Smith & Nephew)

Lars U. Diemer, CEO, Agnitio

Sarah Fisher, Director Global Markets, External Innovation, Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices

Dave Pinnington, Multichannel Lead, MSD

Topics that will be covered include:

• Respond to the changing regulatory environment: how technology empowers your business

• Build a business case for digital transformation and gain organisational support

• Strengthen your customer relationships and improve engagement in a diverse payer landscape

• Learn from pharma (and other industries) to find opportunities and avoid pitfalls

• Measure impact and return on investment from digital engagement

For those that are unable to make the live webinar, they can watch it on the on-demand service.

For more information on the webinar, please visit https://pharmaphorum.com/webinars/maximise-value-digital-medtech/

Or to sign-up and learn how to move a business forward in a digital world, please visit https://www.brighttalk.com/webcast/9977/265407?utm_source=pharmaphorum+media&utm_medium=brighttalk&utm_campaign=265407

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