Set a Course for True Success With The Captains Log

Creating a path to self-fulfilment can be a difficult process, so having a repository for thoughts and goals is vital. Here to fill this niche is The Captains Log, a modern twist on a classic naval tradition.

In today’s world, success can seem like an abstract concept. Constant feedback from the media, schools, and peers all come together to create an image of what it means to be “successful” and “fulfilled.” And yet for many people, this amalgamation of others’ opinions does not represent what true success and happiness is.

Instead, true success and fulfilment should be defined by what the individual holds near and dear, as well as by what they really value and need. Sadly, many people go through life following a path others create for them; they never set their own course and in turn never discover what matters most to them in life. In order to live a truly fulfilling life, one must look inward and discover what is truly important to them, then use this information to create a path towards success and happiness. This can be a daunting task, so being able to organize the thoughts, perspectives and goals that pop up while living life and forging the path to fulfilment is vital. Here to help individuals organize their thoughts, reflect on life, and move forward is The Captains Log.

The Captains Log takes the age-old tradition of ship captains keeping a log of their ship’s course and modifies it to instead be about the course of life. This high-quality journal features high-quality acid-free paper, durable faux leather cover, and compact design that lays flat for easy writing. Additionally, The Captains Log is broken up into three parts: The Compass, The Map, and The Log. The first section, The Compass, is based on the navigational instrument of the same name. The Compass is the guiding light in a persons life. It’s what matters most to them, and encourages them to live a life of purpose. Like a real compass, The Compass in The Captains Log is there to give direction as an individual charts their course for life.

The next section, The Map, allows users to come up with goals based upon the ideals and things they found to be important in The Compass. The owner of The Captains Log can then use The Map to plot out how they will reach their goals, as well as the milestones that they will reach along the way to provide continued motivation. The final section is The Log, which allows the individual to write down the events of their day, reflect on their past as well as what needs to happen in the future to reach the goals set in The Map. By using The Captains Log, people can finally discover what truly matters to them, and then create a path to reach their goals and enjoy those things, resulting in a fulfilling life.


With work already done on the prototypes, only one obstacle stands in The Captains Log’s way: funding. The initial funds necessary to start production is a significant sum, so the team behind The Captains Log has turned to Kickstarter to raise enough money to begin producing their journals. With reader support, The Captains Log can reach the public and help people chart a course to self-fulfilment and personal success.


For more information, visit The Captains Log’s Kickstarter page.

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