Streamline the Process of Storing Flies With the Epic Creek Fly Box System

Owning a large collection of flies is essential to fly fishing, however sorting them can be a drag. Luckily, Epic Creek is here with a new storage method that makes sorting simple and effective.

As everyday life becomes more hurried and focused on technology, fly fishing has emerged as a popular pastime of many people. The act of wading out into a creek or stream then carefully and rhythmically moving the fly rod is an oddly relaxing activity, and as such fly fishing serves as the perfect distraction from the stressful parts of life. Additionally, reeling in a big fish is an incredibly rewarding experience that provides a minor sense of accomplishment to anglers both old and new. One of the key parts of fly fishing is choosing the right fly, artificial lures that are designed to look like certain insects, for the season, location, conditions, and desired fish. Depending on these factors, different flies are more or less successful at catching fish. Because choosing the correct fly is so important, many fly fishermen have several hundred different flies that cover a wide variety of fish, seasons, and locations. Due to the sheer number of flies many anglers own, organizing these can prove to be a difficult task. Luckily, Epic Creek is here with their innovative new Fly Box System, which promises to help fly fishing enthusiasts spend less time organizing flies, and more time fishing.

The Epic Creek Fly Box System is an innovative new take on fly organization that consists of three main parts: the Fly Box, Fly Cards, and Epic Bug Bank. Central to the Fly Box System are the interchangeable Fly Cards. These durable plastic cards feature foam rows that allow up to seventy different flies to be stored on a single card. The Fly Cards allow anglers to sort their flies by whichever criteria they choose, then keep the like flies together on a single card. These cards are then inserted into either the Fly Box, or the Epic Bug Bank, where they can be stored and carried around. The Epic Bug Bank is the main storage area for Fly Cards that are not currently in use. This durable container has space for eleven individual fly cards, which adds up to storage for a whopping 770 flies when fully loaded. Meanwhile, the Fly Box is the mobile command center from which the fly fisherman can operate. This handcrafted, waterproof maple wood box has space for two fly cards, allowing the angler to bring up to 140 flies with them. Together, these three parts allow for anglers to not only organize their flies on the Fly Cards, but also to keep them all together within the Epic Bug Bank, then carry the ones relevant to their fishing trip with them in the Fly Box. There is also an option to carry two tippet spools directly in the fly box, eliminating the need to carry them separately. The tippet can be dispensed without even opening the box.


With work completed on prototyping the Fly Box System, only one obstacle stands in Epic Creek’s way: funding. Securing the tools and materials needed to make their high-quality Fly Boxes, Fly Cards, and Epic Bug Bank is proving to be a costly endeavor, therefore Epic Creek has turned to Kickstarter in order to generate the necessary funds. With reader support, the Epic Creek Fly Box System can reach the public and help ease the burden of organization on fly fishing enthusiasts around the world.


For more information, visit the Epic Creek Fly Box System Kickstarter page.

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