Fabulous Suhoor feast hosted by Sibtein Alibhai

Top dignitaries make the Majlis an event to remember

26 June, 2017 – In honour of the Holy Month of Ramadan, eminent businessman Sibtein Alibhai hosted a Suhoor event today. The Suhoor was graced by the presence of HH Sheikh Juma Al Maktoum. The event was also honoured by the presence of Mr Shamsudheen Bin Mohideen, Chairman of The Regency Group. Held at the DIFC Ritz-Carlton Ramadan Majlis, the Suhoor was also attended by leading members of the business world from across the globe.

Mr. Muhammad Habib, Chairman, Habib Bank AG Zurich, Mr. Asad Habib, Board Member,  Habib Bank AG Zurich, Mr. Jamal Alvi, CEO, Habib Bank AG Zurich and Mr. Arif Lakhani, CEO GroupWealth Management, Habib Bank AG Zurich, attended the grand event.

Fabulous Suhoor feast hosted by Sibtein Alibhai 1

Fabulous Suhoor feast hosted by Sibtein Alibhai 2

Among those present were Mr. Bashir Hiridjee, Board Member of Groupe Axian ( Madagascar ), Mr. Ajay Rajendran, Vice Chairman, Sobha Group, Dr. Anvar Ameen Chelat, Managing Director, Regency Group, Mr. Abbas Virji, CEO, Shalina Healthcare, Mr. Vinod Talreja, CEO, Landmark Group and Head of Babyshop and Centrepoint, Mr. Jaykumar Dadalani, Vice Chairman, Fortune 5 Group, Mr.Khalid Zainal, Executive Director, Dubai Properties Group, Rishad Moloobhoy, MD, Richmond Group, Mr. Mohamed Merali, Credo Investments and many others.

Fabulous Suhoor feast hosted by Sibtein Alibhai 3

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Alibhai said, “The Holy Month of Ramadan, is all about friendship and brotherhood. The main reason behind organising the Suhoor is to let people gather under the same roof to enjoy the last meal before the fasting begins for the day.”

Upholding the tradition of Ramadan

“The lesson of sharing is what makes the Suhoor feast so important during the month of fasting,” said Mr.Alibhai speaking on the occasion. “It also fosters a spirit of brotherhood and friendship among those attending it,” he added.

The multicultural heritage of Dubai was showcased in the star-studded guests at the event. “They are all my friends and brothers,” remarked Mr. Alibhai, “We have come together in honour of the great tradition of Ramadan, to break bread together before the fasting begins. This only strengthens the bond we already share.”

Sibtein Alibhai’s penchant for the most spectacular hospitality has earned him favour among the very best of Dubai, and the event showcased Dubai’s rich multicultural heritage and served as a great platform to let people strengthen their relations.

About Sibtein Alibhai:

Founder and Managing Director of Grupo Alfa Corporation, a leading business conglomerate, based in Costa Rica, and now with over two decades of experience, has increased its global footprint with offices in UAE, Portugal and several African nations.

Mr. Alibhai is a firm believer in philanthropy, and strongly believes in the importance of adding value to the community and humanity at large. He is an active philanthropist and has set up his Family Foundation, to ensure a legacy of community based projects and initiatives, with a prime focus on providing access to education.

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