Americans Spend Over $29 Billion Per Annum On Air Conditioning – How To Reduce The Cost

Tampa, FL – The annual cost to US households of their air conditioning systems continues to rise annually. According to this government report, the overall cost to US households is approaching $30 billion every year. The countries addiction to air conditioning shows no sign of slowing down but as finances become tighter there are ways to lower the expenditure.

In a bid to tackle the cost to the consumer, the Government published this infographic, which features some startling facts and figures. For instance, 6 percent of the average households energy expenditure goes on cooling air.

“Home owners are becoming ever most aware of the cost of air conditioning,” said Tyler Wilson of Air National HVAC. “We are getting more and more enquiries about how customers can minimize their expenditure on air conditioning. Depending on the age of their system, in some cases switching to a new efficient HVAC system can deliver savings of between 20 and 50 percent, although clearly this is not a feasible option for everyone.”

After some research here are the top five ways to reduce your HVAC costs

 • Change the filters regularly

 • Undertake a regular maintenance program

 • Clean any dirt and debris from around the outdoor condenser unit

 • Increase your thermostat temperature by a couple of degrees

 • Close curtains and blinds to prevent the sun’s rays from entering the building

The cost to US households for energy is only ever likely to increase, so it is essential that residents begin to learn, understand and implement the cost effective methods mentioned above. Otherwise it may become a case of choosing between a cool home or an overheated bank balance. Air conditioning is no longer viewed as a luxury, and it has evolved into a necessity in modern America. However, as household budgets become ever more stretched it is only sensible to take advantage of every cost saving measure that is available. 

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