CYCJET elaborates the Points Of Daily Using Ink Jet Printer

Using the ink jet printer in a correct way can avoid many troubles and save its working life.

No matter Large Format Inkjet Printer  what the price of ink jet printer is, it should be used in right way. Otherwise, even if the high-price machine may have troubles in a short time. Thus, It should be noteworthy. There are some points of using ink jet printer.

1. Keep a clean environment.

Keeping Continuous Inkjet Printer a clean working environment is very important. Because if the ink jet printer works in a dusty environment, the dust will get into the main cartridge of the machine easily, then get into the sub cartridge, finally get into the nozzle. As we all know, the nozzle is very fragile, Handheld Pneumatic Marking Machine if there are too much dust, it will shorten its using life.

2. Operate in the correct mode

In the process of using the printer, Hand Jet Printer Price the nozzle is not able to directly contact with other items, it will cause friction with the nozzle, resulting in the nozzle plugging and ink leakage. The printing effect will be not perfect. Therefore, it is a certain to regulate the operation according to the operation rules.

3. Do not disassemble at will

Each component of the ink jet printer has its own role. Therefore, in the process of using, can not remove any part of ink jet printer on the free. If it appears a error, it may cause the printer not  using directly again, or its repair costs will be more than its price.

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