Seven Hill Solutions today announced their new Implant-Based restorative dental Brand, TRUZir Teeth. For years Implant Dentist used Acrylic based dentures to restore patient’s smile’s, Seven Hills Solutions recognizes the rapidly growing challenges practices face of some of the objections raised from using Acrylic dentures to replace teeth over implants is.

1. And the unbearable odor from bacteria clinging to the acrylic over time.

2. Acrylic is a very weak structure and unable to consistently induce the biting pressure of the jaw.

3. Acrylics and titanium are too dissimilar structurally and do not work very well together to provide esthetics and stability, to mention only a few.

TRUZir teeth resolve practically all objections to restoring part or full arch smiles with implants. TRUZir uses the top technology in design and function to create smiles that is the most attractive while giving you the strongest bite available with a substantial advantage over Acrylic.

TRUZir is the most esthetic solution, giving you, the most natural teeth look and feel. The super thin profile takes up the least real estate in your mouth, and with Zirconia you have the confidence to eat anything you like without worry of chipping or breaking. Zirconia is one of the strongest substances on the planet and now with TRUZir, it’s the also the most beautiful implant based restoration.

Seven Hills Solutions represents a paradigm shift in how dental restorations are created. Industry-wide, the superior precision and esthetics coupled by the sheer strength of Zirconia are one of the most important factors that set Seven Hills Solutions apart from the rest. Along with the research and Expedia center backing our quality assurance. We are experts in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. As pioneers in the digital age, Seven Hills Solutions is first in full digital implant workflow.

Seven Hills Solutions is the nationwide leader in implant dentistry. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to restore smiles — any time, any place and with any budget.

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