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Westlake Village, CA – Traveling in style and convenience is what most travelers today strive for, and going light with less luggage means that beverages that they bring should also be easy to carry. When outdoor lovers bring water bottles and canisters on their trips, the liquid inside the bottle won’t be as hot or cold as when they left the house. Fortunately, Ember’s thermostats coffee mug can preserve any beverage at the right temperature for many hours, keeping the coffee, tea, or any other beverage, hot or cold, inside the canister fresh and ready to drink.

Clay Alexander, founder and inventor of Ember, states, “The temperature of your drink ultimately decides whether your drink will be perfectly delicious or cold and disappointing, a single factor can be the difference between a good drink and a bad one. Ember’s thermostat coffee mug has a built-in temperature control which means that it can preserve your drink wherever you may go at its perfect temperature from when you take the first sip to the last drop.” He also added, “Whether you drink hot or cold coffee or tea, this product will keep your beverage at temperature all throughout the day. The mechanism of the thermostat coffee mug works as quick storage that cools your coffee at a given temperature that you choose for a long time.”

There are thousands of different coffee mugs out there which offer the same thermostat control that Ember’s coffee mug also provides. However, what makes this product unique is that the customer can connect the cup to his phone and monitor the temperature by using Ember’s app. Having a thermostat coffee mug when traveling is a great way to store hot liquids during trips, and with this groundbreaking technology, people from around the world who enjoy beverages on-the-go will no longer get discouraged to bring hot or cold beverages anywhere.

Ember is a company that produces thermostat coffee mugs for travelers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The coffee mug specializes in precise temperature measurement with a simple and elegant design that appeals to any customer. The thermostat coffee mug comes with a downloadable app that users can put on their phone and customize. This unforgettable drinking experience can only be bought by Ember. Visit the company’s website for more information.

To learn more about the company and the products they sell, their local office is located at 880 Hampshire Rd c, Westlake Village, CA 91361.

For more information about the thermostat coffee mug, please visit the company’s website at https://embertech.com/

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