Ben Moskel Launches Digital Marketing Company Apex Next

“Ben Moskel”
Ben Moskel announced that he has formed Apex Next, a digital marketing and advertising company. Ben Moskel serves as the company President and operates the business out of the Powder Mill Office Park in historic Bushnell’s Basin, New York.

Apex Next helps national businesses acquire new customers via online marketing platforms including display and native advertising channels.

Ben Moskel is focused in using the new marketing technology that is now available to companies looking to grow their business.  

“There are many new exciting opportunities for companies to connect with potential customers that they might not be aware of.  One such opportunity includes behavioral targeting. This allows you to show ads to people who are likely to be in the market for a particular product or service,” Ben Moskel explains.

Behavioral targeting involves creating a profile on a particular user so that their online experience can be customized to their preferences. For example, information that might be collected includes websites that a person recently visited and what he or she did while on that website.  For example, you may discover that a particular user is an avid investor and may be planning a trip to Napa, California in the near future.

Ben Moskel further explains: “In other words, if you sell refrigerators or running sneakers, you can now target people who are likely to be in the market for your services, regardless of where they may be browsing on the Internet.  Behavioral targeting removes the contextual limitations that marketers previously had to operate within.”

Other channels that Ben Moskel will employ for his clients include remarketing, video, native advertising, and email marketing.

In particular, setting up a simple remarketing campaign often uncovers low-hanging fruit for a client. Ben says: “Next to effective email follow-up, remarketing is often the channel that yields the best return on advertising dollars.”

Ben Moskel ensures that every marketing and advertising penny is working for the client.  “There are dozens of ways that a company can flush money down the drain without getting anything in return. I’ve heard stories from business owners who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on a radio or television campaign without getting even a single new client,” explains Ben.

“When we do media buys for our clients every dollar is measured to make sure our client is getting a return on their advertising spend. We also like to test small before allocating any significant ad spend to a particular channel.  There are several variables including the market, the message, and the selling environment.  You have to get them all right or your results will be disappointing,” Ben explains.

Ben Moskel says that the online channels allow you to test small.  You can make small bets and minimize your risk and then begin scaling up when your metrics justify it.

Many of his clients work on a performance based arrangement.  “That way our goals are in alignment.  “When you have a great product and are able to reach a lot of people effectively and efficiently, it’s a home run,” explains Ben.

Media Contact
Company Name: Apex Next LLC
Contact Person: Ben Moskel
Phone: 833-387-7575
Address:1151 Pittsford-Victor Road
City: Pittsford
State: New York
Country: United States