Yueqing RHI Electric Co., Ltd is a Professional Manufacturer for Copper Material New Energy Battery Power Connection Products

Yueqing RHI Electric Co., Ltd is a company which is specialized in designing and producing variety of Copper material new enery battery power connection products. The company is located in China and offers its products to customers from all over the world.

T2 Copper Material are good conductivity with 99.9% copper contents. They can used for New Energy battery Power Connections. All new energy battery power connection productss are widely used for different fields.such as new energy vehicle, electrombile, power supply room, battery connection power, aerospace, airlines, railway, communications equipments, electricity equipment, mechanical manufacturing, electronic accessories, construction project etc.

Yueqing RHI Electric Co., Ltd is a company that is located in China and is involved in production of various Copper material new energy battery power connection products. The company has its own research and designing team that creates their own series of products. The product range includes copper bus bar, flexible bus bar, braided bus bar, flexible connectors, copper connector, solid bus bar, battery bus bar, cable lug, battery terminal, cable & wires, and other related insulation products.

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These products are manufactured using advanced automatic equipment that has been developed by RHI Company.These products are made by superior grade of production technics and exceptional quality of T2 copper materials. Surface tin plated or nickel plated is clean and smooth without any Over the years, the company has grown in popularity across various countries and is a recognized manufacturer from China. It has been over 6 years since the company had gone global with its products and has grown its market share across several countries today.All of their products have been manufactured in compliance with ROHS, REACH standards.Their manufacturing standard and quality systems have been approved by ISO9001 Quality Assurance and Management Systems of 2015.

The company is committed of using the latest technology to develop some highly functional products. Their aim is to offer competitive products at reasonable pricing. To check out the range of copper busbar and other related products offered by the company, customers can look through their website. The website features all their products under different categories to facilitate access to the different range of products. Each of these categories show various options along with detailed descriptions and high definition images.

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In order to know more about their products like flexible busbar, widely used for new energy vehicles and electrombile.customers can use the Enquiry option beside each and every product. Moreover, for order related queries or other questions, customers can use the contact option on the website. They may also send an email or leave some information with all their needs and requirements.

About Yueqing RHI Electric Co., Ltd

Yueqing RHI Electric Co., Ltd offers its extensive range of Copper new energy power battery connection products from China. The company has been in exporting the business since the last 6 years and has been catering to customers from around the world. They have their own manufacturing unit and use some of the most advanced technologies to create some exceptional quality products. For more details about their products or to send an enquiry, please visit their website. 

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Company Name: Yueqing RHI Electric Co., Ltd
Contact Person: Kevin Wu
Email: s5@cnrhi.com
Phone: +86-577-61988720
State: Zhejiang
Country: China
Website: http://www.rhibusbar.com