Student shows Congress the cost of health care reform – face to face

WORCESTER, MA – 28 Jun, 2017 – A student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) has launched a new website that shows the photos of people who could be affected by the proposed changes to health care law. launched today with a goal of “making Congress come face to face with what is really at stake.”

Evan King, who has several preexisting conditions himself, was moved by the plight of people who might have their coverage cut – or not be able to afford it. He wanted a way to show elected officials what should count most – the lives of the people they serve.  “I wanted Congress to see the human cost of their actions – that this isn’t just about numbers from the CBO,” King said.  “Even if preexisting conditions are ‘covered’ under the new plan, it won’t matter if people lose their coverage or can’t afford the premiums.”

King built the site from the ground up to be able to accommodate tens of thousands of photos. “I know it is ambitious,” he said.  “But I had to try.  I think there are many people, like me, who want Congress to recognize that there are human beings who’s lives are at stake.”  To focus the impact, he plans to create pages for each state and territory.  

He invites anyone who has a preexisting condition – or who cares about someone who has one – to post their photo and comment on the site.  “There is no image more powerful than a human face,” he said.  “I hope to have tens of thousands of them looking Congress in the eye.”

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