Introducing The Presidential Word Machine, The Bestest Soundboard Around

After a truly astounding 2016 presidential race, a group of professional product creators decided that the election and its victor deserved some sort of memento to commemorate all of its glory. Today these creators are proud to present the Presidential Word Machine.

The United States 2016 Presidential Election was made up of hundreds of shocking moments, extravagant candidates, and more. Along the way, a variety of unorthodox candidates turned up including the efamed Vermin Supreme, Limberbutt McCubbins the cat, and even a candidate running under the name Deez Nuts who gained nine percent of the public vote in several states during the primaries. At the end of it all, it was Donald Trump who was named forty-fifth president of the United States, and his campaign was nothing short of spectacular.

Here to commemorate Donald Trump’s campaign and all of its glorious sound bites is a brand new product named the Presidential Word Machine. The word machine can produce all sorts of outlandish phrases that a presidential candidate would never be caught saying. These include but are not limited to “We’ve got some bad hombres here,” “When you are a star they let you do it,” and “Mexico will pay for it!”. With the Presidential Word Machine, anyone can have the luscious voice of Donald Trump by their side with just the push of a button, whispering sweet nothings like “loser” and “so sad.” All of these phrases are courtesy of an incredibly talented Australian voice actor Colin Cassidy, who is now part of the presidential word machine team.

Apart from the content of the device stands the pure craftsmanship of its construction. The Presidential Word Machine truly is the best. Equipped with sixteen pushbuttons, the Presidential Word Machine is perfect for even the smallest of hands. What’s more is that the machine has been colored a bright shade of orange, paying homage to the newest leader of the free world. Sadly the horrible trade deals that surround many countries these days are making the final roll out of the Presidential Word Machine rather difficult. To overcome the problem, the team behind the Presidential Word Machine has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Through the campaign page, readers can show their support by pre-ordering a Presidential Word Machine and receive bonuses like the electronic sound bites contained in a .zip file. With this support, the Presidential Word Machine aims to ship later this year, bringing the glorious voice of Donald J. Trump into the hands of the masses.


To learn more visit the Kickstarter campaign page

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