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28 Jun, 2017 –, the art blog specializes in organizing art tours to Russia to help art lovers across the globe get a glimpse of the fascinating art collections by popular artists at the well known museums of Russia and Europe.

Russia is highly popular for having a splendid history, art and culture that makes it an unparalleled choice to enjoy art at its fullest. One would be able to know more about the art works by popular artists like Mikhail Vrubel, James Rosenquist, Titian, Caravaggio, Wassily Kandinsky, Ivan Kramskoi, Leonardo da Vinci and Isaac Levitan. The blog at also has interesting articles about the popular museums of Russia and about the art works by great artists. Cathy Locke runs this art blog and she has over 5 years of experience in leading and organizing art tours to Russia. She also gives lecture on the art of Russia as well as on European art.

The travelers would be delighted to know more about the Russian art, as the blog would convey to them that they would be visiting the best 3 museums in Moscow region, such as Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, New Tretyakov Gallery and the Tretyakov Gallery. The tour about the art of Russia will also take them to two very popular museums in St. Petersburg area, which are the Russian Museum and the State Hermitage Museum. The art tours to Russia organized by Cathy can be very memorable, as she has travelled to several places of Russia to prepare her lectures and has a clear cut understanding about every art collection displayed in the museums. She also hires many experts in art like the professors of Russian University to learn more about the specific art movements and related topics. She has also read many books about specific artists and arts, and can help the art lovers have an interesting tour to learn about the art of Russia.

Her blog, is a perfect example of the vast knowledge Cathy has about the artists and museums in Russia, which makes her an apt choice to go on an art tour. She painstakingly explains the portraits painted by well known artists, the painting system they followed, the popular works by a specific artist and much more. The blog also has the paintings of each artist in HD quality along with a small description beneath it to know when and where each painting was completed. In short, the blog acts like an online resource on art.

To know more about theart tours to Russia and to book one immediately, one can visit the blog link at

About is an online resource about the Russian and European art, which is run by Cathy Locke, a veteran in offering art tours to Russia to help the art buffs across the world know more about the art works by their favorite artists and visit some of the most important museums to enjoy a fascinating holiday or vacation. 

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