New Type of Technological System Promises Miracle-like Powers

Technological advances could mean aging and even death are soon to be a distant memory

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 28 Jun, 2017 – Larry D. Bluford, Sr has worked for over four decades to create a proprietary platform to control aging and death itself. The Self Preservation Triangle, Bluford’s company based in San Francisco California, aims to correct centuries of failed genetics and generations of unnecessary abrupt ends of life. Bluford has created “Technological Formulas” which is a master technology that works 100% on paper and is the basis for the “Fountain of Youth Vaccine Series”. This is just one of a total of six “Save The World” products Bluford plans to create using Technological Formulas.

Technological Formulas: A super technology that can achieve things today that are destined to happen in a century.

“On Wednesday night, November 16, 2016 I was able to determine from my decades long research that for the first time ever the totality of humanity had finally reached a point in history where mankind can now achieve anything he can imagine.” – Larry D. Bluford, Sr. May 15, 2017.

Bluford’s Technological Formulas will advance the world four to five decades into the future in the span of less than a decade. The Self Preservation Triangle is expected to become a $40 to $50 trillion-dollar industry within five to ten years. Improvements expected to be made to the San Francisco Bay Area  includes new roads, homes, schools and businesses and billions in new tax revenue to help fund these improvements and expansion.

The Self Preservation Triangle plan will save humanity from its biggest adversary, one that has yet to be beaten – death itself. No longer will humans be at the mercy of happenstance, physically controlled by manmade or natural ailments, and finally humans will choose when, or even if, they will die.

Investing in the Self Preservation Triangle company will provide benefits such as first product rights and the ability to sell your membership on the open market. Special incentives and privileges are now being offered to founding investor-members before The Self Preservation Triangle is launched and begins operations.

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