Achieving so much more with a drone just became more realistic with top of the line AirDrop

New Jersey, USA – Quite rightly for some people, the best thing to have succeeded the invention of drones is the invention of air-droppers. Many of the cool stuff drones are being used for today might have been impossible if drones have not been empowered to be able to travel with and drop items. Among other applications, AirDrop in conjunction with drones has been used in drone fishing, providing relief items in war zones and providing food items or other emergency needs in search and rescue operations. The FLiFLi AirDrop boasts everything one could hope for in an AirDrop, and so much more. Pleasant aesthetics, lightweight, durability, rechargeable battery, 2.2 Ibs max load and so many other amazing features are what one gets by owning an FLiFLi AirDrop.

FliFli AirDrop drone

The airdrop has the unique quality of mounting on the drone without hassle thanks to a 4-way plastic clip that adequately matches the look and feel of the gimbal lock that comes with the DJI Phantom 3 and 4 series. Installation only takes a matter of seconds and the user is good to go. With a colorful, compact and lightweight design, FLiFLi AirDrop is no match for competitors when speaking in terms of aesthetics. The remote is in perfect synchronization with the airdrop, therefore, turning the drone on or off couldn’t be any easier. A one-click operation technology also adds to the ease of operation of the device

The drone also boasts built-in rechargeable batteries with impressive capacity and would comfortably withstand 410 hours of standby time and 3 hours of active use, more than enough time to hit the jackpot on a drone fishing adventure or serve whatever purpose the AirDropis employed. Both drone and remote possess a USB 5-pin chargeable input and charging couldn’t have been made any easier than the less than 60-minute charge time for both battery and remote. With a capacity to hold a maximum weight of 1kg, FLiFLi AirDrop is built for the heavy stuff. The AirDrop is also uniquely built to attach to the posterior end of drones, making interference with drone sensors minimal or non-existent. LoRa technology bestows ‘kilometer wide’ wireless coverage and stable connection between airdrop and remote.

Dronegear.tv acknowledges the device as ‘an amazing device that we’ve used in a few different applications, very cool to be able to drop things remotely with ease from your DJI Phantom.’ FLiFLi AirDrop can be purchased on Amazon.

Further information is available on the website and YouTube channel.

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