Pet Toy manufacturer launches entertaining cat toy made from eco-friendly materials

Hemp-A-Mouse is the perfect toy to keep cats happy, engaged, healthy, and entertained

PlayFur Pets is proud to announce the release of their new pet toy for cats, “Hemp-A-Mouse,” a classic toy on a string made with the environment in mind. The product is another great addition to their line of quality pet toys, but with an exciting twist. The interactive cat toy is made from durable, eco-friendly hemp. The feathers are not artificially died, while the stick is made from solid wood instead of plastic. The toy serves as interactive entertainment, durable, and safe chew toy, and a great exerciser to keep the cat happy, strong, and healthy.

The product is available on site for a discounted price.

“As a family owned business with an incredible love for animals, we are committed to creating and delivering quality products for pets. When we started this journey, we didn’t want just to make and sell the same thing everyone is selling. We wanted something unique that creates real value and promotes the health of your pets. Hemp-A-Mouse is made from eco-friendly materials that guarantee safety for your pet’s health and wellbeing,” said Chris Stewart, a representative of PlayFurPets.

Keeping cats active is important to make them robust and healthy. The Hemp-A-Mouse toy is the perfect product that offers multiple benefits for pets. It is a great exerciser with a pole and cord attached to the mouse. The toy is designed to keep even the finickiest cat active, and entertained for hours. The hemp used for making the mouse is a bacteria deterrent that makes the toy an excellent chew toy promoting healthy teeth and gums. Also, it is an excellent way to keep young kids with pets active and engaged other than watching TV or playing video games.

“This thing is amazing! Our cats usually like the classic ‘toy on a string Stick’s toy, well this takes it to a whole new level! Not only do they use all natural material (skipping dyes & bright colors), but they’ve kicked it up by adding a bungee cord instead of the normal string! Less work for you & more fun for your feline friends! It also has a small bell to keep their attention for hours on end. An excellent toy! 5/5,” said Tina D, a customer.

Toys for cats offer immense benefits by providing regular physical and mental stimulation, and building trust between the cat and the humans. Cat toys also sharpen hunting skills, provides exercise, relief stress, bust boredom, and build confidence.

About PlayFur Toys

PlayFur Toys is a family owned business who love pets and want to see them healthy and safe. They offer a variety of products specially designed with eco-friendly materials, to provide safety for pets and the environment while keeping cats active, entertained, and happy.

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