Author Calls for More Support for African American Authors

OAKLAND, CA – JUNE 29, 2017 – Award Winning Author, d. E. Rogers who recently launched his latest novel, Dynasty: The Dark Side of Money III, is calling for readers to give more support to African American authors.

It is no secret that African American authors do not receive a lot of support. In fact, a number of online publications such as Huffington Post and Forbes frequently compile lists of “Black Authors to Support’ in an effort to encourage readers to give these authors a place on their bookshelves or Kindle.

Rogers, who has penned 11 novels, links the popularity of social media as well as illiteracy for the decline in support for authors. He said: “Book readers do not support authors the way they use to in the past. The number of readers have dwindled due to our society moving toward social media and our population becoming more illiterate each day.”

Dynasty: The Dark Side of Money III is the series finale in a three part series about self-made billionaire and fashion designer, Gloria Dean, and the evil plots by some family members to gain control of her company. This time Gloria is in crisis as her daughter Jasmine has been shot and the would-be killer still walks free. There are too many suspects and Gloria doesn’t know who to trust. Her feud with Jaymee continues, but that doesn’t mean she’s guilty of attempted murder.

Dynasty: The Dark Side of Money III was released on June 13th and within hours captured the number 2 spot on Amazon’s Best Seller List in the category of African American Mystery, Thriller and Suspense Fiction. The book was second to author James Patterson’s latest novel. Since then, it has also racked up a number of positive reviews.  One reader said, “There is enough going on here for this to become a TV Series.” Others have described the book as a fast paced drama, engaging suspense and action packed and compelling.

Dynasty: The Dark Side of Money III is available in Kindle and paperback format on Amazon for a retail price of $2.99 and $14.95, respectively.

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