Author And Scientist Publishes: Fitness Powered Brains

The new book looks at how physical exercise can boost work performance.

Chong Chen, Ph.D., an experienced and acclaimed writer, author, and neuroscientist who has also published Plato’s Insight: How Physical Exercise Boosts Mental Excellence, this week released his latest revolutionary book titled: Fitness Powered Brains – Optimize Your Productivity, Leadership and Performance.

Written to provide an in-depth, easy-to-understand look at how brain science evidence of fit people being more effective in the workplace is important for everyone to realize today, Fitness Powered Brains provides a unique viewpoint of creatively using fitness and exercise to improve productivity.

“A lot is factored into the development of an effective and high-performance leader in our world,” said Dr. Chen. “Leaders must have their strategies to achieve and maintain the enormous physical, mental, and cognitive demand required for the busy schedule and workload, let alone high performance. Among the few strategies studied today, fitness is one of the most effective.”

The book takes a look at the different components of fitness as it relates to professional performance. Part 1 begins with a lifelong study of Harvard men which shows that these men’s fitness levels at college predicted their levels of success over four decades later. Part 1 then move on to the discussion on why fit people are more effective, looking at the efficiency of fit people’s brains and why fit people have higher stress tolerances. Part 2 of the book looks at how to build fitness, and Part 3 explores the creative uses of exercise to boost performance.

“A survey of the top 3,000 U.S. companies’ executives reported that two-thirds of the executives exercised at least three times per week,” said Dr. Chen. “The problem is, regular people still remain physically inactive. With this book, I aim to explore and recommend the positivity of regular fitness routines for any kind of individual. I want the message to reach more people. That’s why I offer a huge limited-time discount. You can get it at just $0.99 now.” Spread the word on its release, and head on over to the author’s website today to learn more about its value.

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