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Orlando, FL – Summer is almost here, and to beat the summer heat an air conditioner can help cool down the temperature inside a house and also provides cooling ventilation in an office space. A defective air conditioner though is not going to do it, that is where Ambrose Air, Inc. comes in handy with their AC repair services.

Ambrose Air, Inc. is all about AC repair and AC issues in Florida during the summer months as it is a hot time. Ambrose Air, Inc. has been in the business of AC issues and AC repair for twentyfive years now. People who have been serviced by Ambrose Air, Inc. have been pleased about it. One client who has been a long-time customer of Ambrose Air, Inc. has said, “They had been there for the heating and cooling needs for the last 15 years.”

Ambrose Air, Inc. specializes in AC repair. The repairs involve problems affecting the fan belt, refrigerator leak, or defective fan motor among many. Air conditioner breakdown can be caused by many things, including power failure. Ambrose Air, Inc. is there to help fix up any air conditioner repair issues as soon as possible to keep the customers comfortable. Read more here for more information on the company and their services.

Ambrose Air, Inc. also helps in air conditioner maintenance. If there is a need to change air filters or clean an outdoor unit, Ambrose Air, Inc. gets the job done. The company has technicians that are ready to repair and clean out air conditioners so that they’ll be ready for the summer. Serious problems with the air conditioner can be avoided by having it maintained properly and regularly. They also carry a wide range of products for indoor home quality. There are air conditioners, heat pumps, as well as furnaces both for home and office use. Thermostats and controls are also available to control the indoor temperature easily.

Ambrose Air, Inc. is a family-owned business that has been servicing air conditioners and AC repairs in Florida for over twentyfive years. Ambrose Air, Inc. first started in 1990 and from there took off as a thriving air conditioner repair company. Ambrose Air, Inc. can be reached by phone at 407-857-0889. Their office is located at 448 W Landstreet Rd., Orlando FL.

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Company Name: Ambrose Air, Inc.
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