UPDATED: Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® Highlights How Towne Park Helps Leading Hospitality and Healthcare Organizations Boost Customer Service and Business Results with Powerful Services

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Los Angeles, CA – June 29, 2017 — Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® is pleased to announce an exclusive interview with Chuck Heskett, Chief Executive Officer and President, and Misti Mukherjee, Chief People Officer and General Counsel, of Towne Park, America’s leading hospitality and healthcare services company.

Towne Park helps hospitality and healthcare organizations build better customer experiences to drive business performance, enhance customer loyalty, and strengthen brands. If you have had help at a hotel or a hospital, you have probably experienced the company’s outstanding service and hospitality. For nearly 30 years, Towne Park has been partnering with some of the most respected corporations in the world and the company currently employs over 13,000 associates at more than 800 sites nationwide, including some 500 hotel and hospitality sites and 300 hospitals. 

Heskett explains that many of America’s leading healthcare and hospitality brands turn to Towne Park for help with major challenges: hiring, training and deploying associates who can delight a customer; delivering superior customer experiences while managing service costs; and developing new revenue streams and building brands.

“Our services are taking the country by storm because we understand how to solve problems in complex and evolving service-oriented environments and how to make a high-value impact,” stated Heskett. “Our national scale and agility also allows us to immediately respond to the current and future needs of clients and prospects alike; we can move highly trained associates between our partner clients on demand, enabling us to leverage our superior senior leadership and support teams.”

“We are often the first and last points of contact for patients and guests, which is critical in shaping overall customer satisfaction and brand reputation,” added Mukherjee. “When you touch 15 million customers a year like we do, you learn a lot and you develop excellence and agility; organizations can leave a lot of value on the table when they self-manage customer services or manage them separately with less-skilled and experienced vendor partners.”

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