FUSE Financial Partners Sees Fast Growth, Adds Four New Team Members in June

FUSE Financial Partners has announced the addition of two new CFOs and two senior accountants.

FUSE Financial Partners has added four accounting and finance experts to its team in June. FUSE is proud to announce the addition of Chief Financial Officers David Kennedy and Patrick FitzGerald, plus Senior Accountants Sheena Davis and Rebecca Grant.

The three-year-old firm now has a diverse nine-member team offering fractional CFO services, accounting, and operational finance solutions. FUSE is benefiting from the convergence of two trends: the rapid growth of outsourcing; and the longer-term wave of Baby Boomers who are looking for a graceful exit from their businesses.

“We’ve doubled the size of our team in just the last few months, and these new team members are so talented that we can handle assignments far larger than our size,” comments David Worrell, FUSE Managing Member. “Combined with our new affiliation with the BDO Alliance, we are looking to re-double our growth by the end of the year.”

Each new team member brings a unique perspective to the FUSE team – creating a diversity of skills and experiences that makes FUSE the best choice for small businesses in the Charlotte market.

David Kennedy, CPA was most recently the CFO for Martex Fiber and General Manager at KASK America. Kennedy is experienced in complex business transactions of all kinds, including mergers and acquisitions. “David Kennedy is among the best and most experienced CFOs in Charlotte,” comments Worrell. “His deep understanding of accounting and the nuances of business transactions makes him a great fit for our fast growing clients.”

Patrick FitzGerald was named “CFO of the Year” by Charlotte Business Journal in 2011, and specializes in serving foreign-owned subsidies. “Patrick knows how to roll up his sleeves and build a new company; he’s done it multiple times,” notes Worrell. “He really gets what it takes to push a business forward while keeping them on a solid financial foundation.”

Sheena Davis comes to FUSE after serving as the Vice President of Accounting for a large restaurant chain, and managing portfolio finance at Citizens Bank in Raleigh. She has relocated to Charlotte to join the FUSE team. “Sheena’s a real professional,” comments Worrell. “She’s handled more complexity and solved more accounting problems than most people will see in two lifetimes. When a client has a mess on their hands, we count on Sheena to fix it.

Rebecca Grant has both entrepreneurial experience and a solid grounding in accounting theory. “Rebecca embodies the FUSE spirit—namely, a willingness to work arm in arm with our clients to solve their toughest accounting and procedural problems,” says Worrell. “She has already saved her clients from several serious problems created by sloppy bookkeeping in years past.” Grant recently graduated from Belmont Abbey with a degree in Accounting.

The newly-expanded FUSE team serves more than 75 clients in Charlotte and across the country. The company specializes in helping small and lower-middle market companies grow more profitably and sustainably. They have particular expertise in manufacturing, distribution, construction, healthcare, and technology.

More information about FUSE Financial Partners is available at www.fusefinancialpartners.com.

More information about the BDO Alliance, of which FUSE is a member, is available at www.bdo.com/about/bdo-alliance-usa.


FUSE Financial Partners offers full-service Finance Department Outsourcing, Fractional CFO services, and Financial Analysis that drives operational improvement. Based in Charlotte, the FUSE team “ignites business performance” by applying financial discipline to all aspects of a company’s operations.  More information is available online at www.fusefinancialpartners.com.

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