LAX Ammo Making It Easier For Californians To Purchase Ammunition With New Ammo Store In San Diego

With the new legislation taking effect in 2018, LAX Ammo has taken the initiative and is opening new stores throughout California. The first in the collection is their ammo store in San Diego. The ammo store in San Diego will make it easier for Californians to purchase LAX brand ammunition as well as other popular brands like Remington and Fiocchi. To stock up on your favorite ammunition brands at low prices visit them at 4411 Mercury St. Ste.103 San Diego CA, 92111 (858.987.0509).

LAX Ammo is excited to announce the grand opening of their ammo store in San Diego. The new ammo store in San Diego will feature the same great customer service and low prices that are synonymous with the LAX brand. At LAX San Diego you will find low prices on brands like Fiocchi, American Eagle, Remington, Winchester, Federal, PMC, and Hornady, just to name a few.

California has new gun control legislation in regards to the shipment of ammunition to California. In response to this new law, LAX has opened an ammo store in San Diego so that California residents can still have easy access to their cheap ammunition. The ammo store in San Diego is just the start, LAX will be opening new stores in Orange County and Northern California.

LAX remains a leading ammunitions distributor on the West Coast and aims to extend their reach to California residents by open up their ammo store in San Diego. The new ammo store in San Diego is already creating buzz amongst gun owners in that area because of their low prices, 100% satisfaction guarantee and unmatched customer service. 

About LAX Ammo San Diego

LAX Ammo is an established and trusted ammunition distributor based on the west coast and in order to accommodate California residents and new bullet shipment restrictions they have opened an ammo store in San Diego. Customers will enjoy low prices on ammunition and unmatched customer service at the ammo store San Diego. Learn more about the LAX’s newest location at, or stop by at 4411 Mercury St Ste. 103 San Diego CA, 92111.

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Company Name: LAX Ammo San Diego
Contact Person: Dave Sanders
Phone: (858) 987-0509
City: San Diego
State: CA
Country: United States