The live campaign of RC RELEASE; a great COMPANION to sports & fitness enthusiasts.

Sports and fitness enthusiasts now have a magical new way to care for the shoulder joint after their gym or sports outings. RC RELEASE is the most effective and direct myofascial massage kit to relieve shoulder pain or soreness, give thorough massage and prevent rotator cuff injuries.

It combines vast research on rotator cuff injuries and collaboration with sports science professionals, fitness trainers, manipulation therapists and orthopedists to provide this great self-myofascial release to the shoulder. 

Launched on June 29th 2017 [Kickstarter Campaign Link: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1718003488/rc-release-the-bane-of-your-shoulder-pain?ref=user_menu ], RC RELEASE offers a much-needed alternative to other types of massage products, which have not really offered complete rotator cuff massage relief and are not as versatile as RC RELEASE.

The RC RELEASE can also be the perfect addition to your sports or fitness kit. The portable pouch is small enough for you to carry it along and take it anywhere, whether to the beach or the office. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of RC RELEASE is that it is not just meant for fitness or sports enthusiasts alone but is perfect for anybody who wants to maintain an optimal healthy lifestyle.

RC RELEASE offers three operating modes, from mode 1 to mode 3, to target the rotator cuff trigger points. There is also an additional mode 4, which is an enhanced version of the popular roller stick massage bar.

RC RELEASE was created for people who want to be free from rotator cuff injuries or shoulder pain. In our eyes, there wasn’t a single self-myofascial release product in the market that offered a complete solution. We wanted a product that would be a perfect solution to shoulder pain or discomfort and very portable to be carried along whenever we need it.

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