Kristin Thompson Interviewed on Radio Show About The Art and Science of Speaking for Business Growth

Speaker and business coach, Kristin Thompson, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio show. She is sharing her strategies for speaking to audiences to not only enhance their lives but to increase revenue and build a businesses brand.

Kristin Thompson, a highly successful speaker and coach, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize.

Thompson has enjoyed speaking to audiences most of her life. She noticed early on, however, that while she usually received many compliments after she spoke, she did not always leave with many sales to help pay her bills. She finds this to be a common scenario for many business people who speak from the stage. After much practice, they start to excel at the mechanics of giving speeches and becoming comfortable with the process, however, they often find themselves stuck at this point.

After honing her ability to speak in such a way that promotes more sales at live events, in addition to spreading her message, Thompson realized she could help others do this, as well.

According to Thompson, “I don’t help people become a motivational speaker, someone who is traveling around the country, giving a pre-scripted talk that is really designed to entertain the audience.”

Thompson continues, “What I help people do is package your expertise, the thing that you’re so great at. You might be a financial advisor or a health coach. You might be a business consultant of some kind. We take your knowledge and expertise and package that into a talk that positions you as an authority.

This is structured in a specific way so that the talk doesn’t just get you compliments. Compliments are great. But even better is when you generate leads, clients and cash.”

One of many strategies that Thompson believes will help a speaker is looking at their own product or program they’re presenting as if it belonged to someone else. She finds that the speaker will have an enhanced level of enthusiasm and passion when sharing someone else’s work than when sharing their own, perhaps out of a sense of being humble.

Thompson believes that the talks that someone creates for their business should become the engine of their business. It should be something that helps them become highly visible and that helps to crank up their revenue any time they want to. Thompson has excelled in doing this for herself and now helps others do this as well. She will be teaching her strategies in greater detail at her RISE Live Event in Phoenix, AZ on October 16 to 18, 2014.

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