Property Owners Ditch Traditional Practices and Increase Their Profits With Online Real Estate Auctions, an online real estate auction company, reports record-breaking stats, which confirm property auctions as the way forward., an online real estate auction company, reports record-breaking stats, which confirm property auctions as the way forward. As commercial and residential property owners and developers explore this new trend in the housing market, Micoley’s co-founder believes that the rise of online auctions will transform the way people buy and sell property.

Through collaboration with W.M. Enterprises, Inc.,, boasts a diversified portfolio of real estate services with an emphasis on auctions and sales events. The service eliminates a lot of the hurdles buyers and sellers face with traditional real estate methods. The continuous influx of new sellers bodes well for this emerging industry since it presents a wider variety of properties for eager buyers, including multi-family residences, single family homes, commercial buildings, vacant lands, and luxury homes.

Micoley’s evolving marketplace proves that the business model works. What started as a place for foreclosed homes quickly grew into a marketplace for non-distressed properties. Instead of waiting to bid at a public auction, buyers and investors can get acquainted with the property and purchase prior to the auction.

Mark Dooney, a local businessman, shares an insider look at real estate auctions, “I love auctions because they’re fast, efficient and profitable. I flip homes for a living, so I buy and sell with my eyes on the bottom line. I don’t have to worry about buyers trekking through the homes for months on end, and once a bidding war begins, I always come out of the deal with more than my asking price.”

Micoley’s marketing director believes that there’s still much room for growth in the billion-dollar industry. But as traditional realtors join the bandwagon, a lot can go wrong. The company insists on realtor training in real estate auctions for all new hires because home auctions are a completely different ballgame.

Buyers and sellers also need to educate themselves on the process in order to benefit. makes it simple for buyers and sellers after they register on the site. A pre-auction bidding period gives buyers the opportunity to bid and close the deal before the property reaches the auction. So both buyers and seller benefit from these marketplaces.

Realtor Magazines and other industry publications believe online real estate auctions are the future of the housing market, and it will become the new normal in just a few more years. Sellers are motivated by the profits and buyers welcome the ability to bid from the comfort of their homes. is already benefiting from the industry’s growth. Visit them online at  to browse the selection of property auctions., LLC, in affiliation with W.M. Enterprises, Inc. is an auction company and marketing firm.

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