SolarPiper Helps Consumers Transition To Solar Energy With The Best Solar Calculator On The Web

Experts at SolarPiper agree that one of the biggest challenges in transitioning, for most consumers, arises from the inability to calculate how to meet their energy needs from a solar source.

SolarPiper’s new online solar calculator helps consumers calculate their solar energy needs in three simple steps. The calculator estimates costs and provides carbon and saving statistics, but where this tool really shines is in its ability to build a system to meet consumers’ unique energy needs in the most cost-effective way possible.

Over the last decade, there’s been a sharp increase in the use of solar energy among residential consumers. Rising energy prices and widespread alternate energy awareness campaigns contribute, in part, to the gradual shift toward solar power. The bumper crop of solar panels available online and at local home improvement stores confirm that solar arrays cost significantly less than they did a decade ago. Finally, government subsidies encourage consumers to give serious thought to implementing an alternative source of energy.

With easy to install systems and the prohibitively expensive technology out of the way, consumers can use SolarPiper’s advanced but user-friendly solar calculator to work out their solar energy needs and build a cost-effective system.

Justin Gibson, a consultant at SolarPiper, demonstrates how simple it is to use the app. “One of the best parts of the tool is a database, which includes the four components needed to build a solar power unit. The panels, inverters, batteries and controllers all have stored values for capacities. Once users enter their variables, the tool will present a report outlining an affordable solution that matches the users’ specifications. The app leaves nothing to chance, so users must input their location to account for the sun zone and accompanying energy output. At the end of the short process, the users will have an accurate estimate of the full cost to transition to 100 percent solar energy.”

Users can vouch for the app’s simplicity. Armed with an accurate budget for transitioning to solar power, even more consumers can get off the grid and cash in on this endless source of clean energy and save money on their electric bills. The only cost the solar calculator won’t factor in is the cost of the solar panel installation. While many homeowners take the do-it-yourself route, it is best to hire a contractor and electrician to install the panels and connect the mounts to the home’s electric supply in the most efficient way possible.

Solar power is the next wave of energy efficiency for the entire world. However, there are many obstacles that the status quo have put in the way of public education about the myriad of uses for solar energy.

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