IHL Hockey Teams Up With V2 To Offer The Biggest V2 Cigs Coupon On The Web

IHL Hockey, a popular sports blog for men, now has coupon codes for the biggest discounts on V2 cigs. The active blog has been receiving a lot more hits lately as sports fans check in to take advantage of substantial discounts on V2s.

IHL’s V2 cigs coupon code give users 15 percent off on all kits, and 10 percent off on everything in the store – with no minimum purchase required.

Since its introduction to the market in 2010, V2 has given new definition to the term e-cig. The controversial vapor cigarettes came as a healthier and cheaper solution to tobacco-ridden cigarettes. V2’s co-founder said that one day, the company’s vapor cigarette will be the ultimate replacement to big tobacco. Today, with over $1 billion dollars in sales, V2 stands as the most recognizable brand of e-cigarettes in America.

While e-cigs are about one-third the cost of traditional cigarettes, users always welcome the chance to use a V2 cigs discount and save. With 15 percent discounts, new vapor smokers can save a few dollars on Beginner Kits, Standard Kits and Couple Kits. The savings are even bigger with the Ultimate Starter Kit, with 15 percent off on top of the site’s 30% discount on this particular kit.

Martin Jones, a former traditional smoker, learned of e-cigs on the IHL Hockey blog and decided to take advantage of the V2 cigs coupon to give it a try. Four months later, he had this to say about his experience with V2 cigs, “V2 e-cigs are a lot less expensive than traditional cigarettes. Now, I don’t have to clean out my wallet to smell like something my dog threw up while putting my health at risk. I don’t have to go out in the cold to smoke, and I can hug my wife at night without the constant complaints about how terrible I smell. The e-cigs hit the spot without the harmful chemicals. The best part is V2’s customer service, which is outstanding. Backorders are a pain, but I’m happy with the manner in which the team handled my concerns.”

In 2013, Bloomberg Industries predicted that V2 cigs (the best on the market) would surpass traditional cigarette sales by 2047. By that time, e-cigs would be a lot cheaper, providing that there are no further taxations on the plastic vapor sticks. Until that time, smokers can use the sizeable V2 cig coupons at IHL Hockey and keep more money in their pockets.

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