Day Trading Journal Challenge

10 Jul, 2017 – futures io, the biggest futures trading community in the world, has announced the “Day Trading Journal Challenge” for July 2017 to help every day trader improve their trading activities. This event began on 1st July 2017 and will end on 31st July.

This event, Day Trading Journal Challenge by TopstepTrader announced by futures io is sponsored by Topstep Trader who will offer a sum of $1,100 for the top 3 journals as combined prizes. The main aim of this event is to encourage the day traders to create a journal that can enhance their trading skills greatly.

The journaling process is said to offer several benefits, right from helping the traders be publicly accountable, as it has a positive psychological effect upon the day traders and would help them follow their own rules. Through the public journaling activity, the day trader would be able to record their everyday trading activity in a clear cut fashion and would help them analyze the changes in their behavioral patterns.

Theday trading journaling would also enable the traders to study the behavioral patterns and improve it by journaling in an active fashion. The Day Trading Journal Challenge would offer the day traders the opportunity to be honest with their selves, and know more about their day trading prowess. The journaling process would reflect which trading strategies offered a positive outcome and which ones failed. In short, the day trading journal will take their trading activities to the next big level while making them a better trader. The journal can also be recorded using an excel spreadsheet

According to futures io, the day traders can enter their journals for the Day Trading Journal Challenge by posting the link of their journals in the thread created for this purpose. However, one author can make only one journal post, as it would count as the total number of “Thanks Received” by the tread. Later, the members will be able to vote for separate journals and the best journals of the challenge will be chosen.

Three prizes will be awarded to the traders on the basis of the journals that have the highest number of “Thanks Received”. The prizes for Day Trading Journal Challenge will include 150K combine in the program by TopstepTrader, each valued at $375 up to 15 contracts for trade for a period of at least 10 days. The daily loss limit for the day traders with the best journals are from $3000 to $4500 with a target profit up to $9000. They would also offer proprietary metrics and trade reports to help the day traders emerge as a funded trader.

About futures io:

futures io is the world’s largest trading community with 90,000 members and above to its credit. They have announced the “Day Trading Journal Challenge” sponsored by TopstepTrader to announce prizes worth $1100 to best three journals to improve the trading skills of traders. 

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