The Easy Reader Tablet Case will Help Millions Stay with their Eyeglasses

Detroit, MI – How does the digital economy pair with the still ongoing search for those elusive eye glasses at home or work? Not well enough, and to remedy the cause, Roland Bryant Jr of Bryant Technologies, has launched the Easy Reader Tablet Case, which allows the eyeglass pair to be kept ensconced with the tablet computer.

The everyday search for eyeglasses without which much important work goes haywire is now resolved. The stakes are obviously high, with increasing use of tablets by medical professionals, construction agents, and especially diabetic patients who are digitally connected.

The Easy Reader Tablet Case is a dual compartment device with a most sturdy design for the most hazardous or difficult situations. Whether the user needs to climb a ladder, work on a construction site, or visit a lab or patients’ rooms, the Easy Reader Tablet Case provides easy access to eyeglasses with full armor protection.

The use of computer tablets has seen a remarkable rise in recent times, with 86 percent clinicians and 47 percent of staff using them in practice. On construction sites too, print reading is carried out on tablets by staff such as foremen and superintendents. Of special note is the situation of the large diabetic population, which is prone to eyesight decline and requires an ever ready eyeglass for performing essential tasks.

The Easy Reader Tablet Case is designed to accommodate a range of tablet brands, including hard and soft cases, and fixed and universal tablet cases. The prototype for the Easy Reader Tablet Case features a shockproof, anti-dust, hybrid and protective hard case shell, and the eyeglass compartment is padded. The case provides outlets for charging, button operation and speaker use. The product is environment friendly and made from semi-flexible polyurethane with easy mounting and unmounting for the tablet and eyeglasses.

As a diabetic and former electrical construction professional, Roland Bryant Jr has introduced this patent pending device to help millions of users and diabetics around the world always stay around their eyeglasses. The Easy Reader Tablet Case welcomes contributions on its Kickstarter page for product pooling, prototyping and launching the product in the market.

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