Why My Father Ate Nice Lunches – The Bill Scruggs Story


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MAYNARDVILLE, TN – 11 Jul, 2017 – My father, William “Bill” Scruggs, was as unique as the title of this book, “Why My Father Ate Nice Lunches – The Bill Scruggs Story.” This book tells the story of how I saw and interacted with my father growing up in a multi sibling family. Everyone sees the world just a little different than the next person and that is also true with siblings that grow up in the same household with the same mom, dad, brothers and sisters. Also, I wanted to find out, “Why My Father Ate Nice Lunches” while us kids were having school lunches and mom was at home with her pimento cheese sandwich! 

A book to make you smile, put a tear in your eye and learn about the love between a father and his son

“I could not put the book down. Also enjoyed the witness you gave about your faith.  You have a beautiful family. We Still Love the Scruggs ???.” Cookie Poe

“You did such a tender, poignant job of honoring him, while also capturing your family, and Mt. Vernon, and what it was like to grow up in Pasadena in the sixties and seventies.  I recognized so many of the people and places you mentioned.”  Linda Duke

My father, and probably Uncle Bud too, believed that successful men were those who aspired to be engineers, doctors or lawyers. It sounds corny today, but back then men strived to be professional businessmen who would support a stay-at-home wife who kept house and lovingly raised the kids. Maybe that is why my all time favorite show growing up was “Leave it to Beaver”.  Ward was the professional businessman and June raised Wally and The Beaver.  My dad ended up with two engineering degrees and always told jokes about doctors and Lawyers.

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